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Khongese Financial infrastructre Improving

As a result of the continuous increase in Chan Khong's economy, the government finally decided to build a bank for the citizens to secure their earnings, rather than keep stock piles of money under their sleeping cots. Spokes woman for the chancellor's office released this statement to the press, (me): "We build a bank." She then released an unoffical statement telling me to get the F out of her country. Why do I bother putting this in the report? I just figured no one reads news out of Chan Khong so who really cares what I wright. I mean, I can write about monkeys throwing their pooh at me, or the weather. No one really cares, say if I allow a heard of oxs trample me to death, who's going to write about that? The only interesting news that would come from this hell-hole, and I'm not there to report it, why? Because I'm dead. I even have to take my own photo graphs. It's just easier than training the locals buffoons on how to push a friggen button! Man, I hate this place. Oh, now look. I'm all out of drink.

A Mark Shawan Report

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