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KAAT Formed


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The Kaevan Revolutionary Party, a new yet rapidly growing political group in the PAC protectorate Northwest of Transvaal and Southwest of the Kingdom of Serca, held a regional congress today and voted unanimously to unite into a sovereign political entity known as the Kaevan Autonomous Anarchist Territory. The KAAT militias have managed a bloodless transition of the territory into a functioning anarchist society.

KAAT's congress issued a decree to the outside world informing them of KAAT's policies, intentions, and organization. In the decree the following statements were announced:

The military of Kaeva will be the Kaevan People's Militia. It is a voluntary organization that all Kaevans may serve in. Over eighty percent of the Kaevan people have enlisted, but only a small fraction of those will be active at any one time. Approximately 550,000* Kaevans will serve in the militia at any one moment and they will be cycled out after several months of service and replaced with new recruits from the volunteer pool. To avoid potential corruption within the militia, a public stockpile of weapons is available in every community and every Kaevan is capable of requesting one, not just the militia. The only leaders within the militia in times of peace are those directly in control of companies of soldiers who are elected democratically from within the company by the company soldiers.

Ownership of the means of production has been banned and the workplaces are now administrated by their workers. Within these unions all matters concerning the workplace and where its goods go are decided democratically.

The KAAt will avoid interfering with the rights, actions, and lives of its people as much as possible, but when a decision needs to be made it is done entirely democratically. For community decisions, meetings are held where all members of the community are free to voice their opinions and vote on what the community should do. For decisions involving all of the KAAT, a congress is held in New Barcelona, the KAAT's most populous city, where delegates from every community convey how their people have voted.

The culture of Kaeva has been modified by the revolution as well; marriage is considered taboo and is not officially recognized by the KAAT. Marriage and traditional relationships have been replaced by Free Love; a system of coercion-free, non-sexist, mutually beneficial, and equal relationships. Religion is viewed as a dangerous, reactionary, and outdated belief. Religious organizations are kept out of Kaeva through the threat of exclusion from society and, while being religious is not a crime, it is frowned upon and the religious make up a very small fringe group.

The prison system has also been reformed. They have been shifted from punishment-based to almost entirely rehabilitation-based. The majority of crimes are now seen as mental disorders or results from their environments and are treated with therapy, medication, and education in several large rehabilitation complexes throughout Kaeva.

While KAAT recognizes statists and capitalists as enemies of the people, it is willing to meet with them diplomatically for the good of the Kaevan people. However, no imperialist actions are to be taken and the primary goal of all meetings and actions is to spread anarchism and free the oppressed people of the world.

The KAAT congress has elected Delegate Caelin Orson to convey the congress' decisions to the world.


* The multiplier is 10 times our IG soldiers, right?

Just read Il Terra Di Agea's post in the map thread, so I guess this is delayed until I talk to the PAC people. Sorry. :(

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The Federal Republic of Transvaal opposes the formation of this communist-anarchist rabble on its borders.

Until relations can be normalised with a guaranteed declaration of non-interferance in Transvaler affairs, then we shall ask all our friends and allies to withhold diplomatic recognition.

We are also public re-excerting our historical rights over Southern Angola and hereby claim that territory below the Namibe-Lumbago line (approx 17th parallel).

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