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giant 5x5 tech deal

Alex the Great1

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i was wanting to do a 5x5 tech deal. i havent done one before im not sure many people have. i hope this works out.

there is 5 sellers and 5 buyers. the buyers send 3 mill to each of the sellers. 10 days later each seller sends 50 tech to each of the buyers. also be on time to accept and send tech because it really pisses me off when people ruin things for others. after another 10 days the sellers send 50 tech again . if done correctly, every buyer gets 15 mill - the cost of the tech to keep and each seller gets 500 tech after 20 days!

if you want to sign up to be a buyer or seller post your nation link and ruler name on this forum, then say fi ur a buyer or seller. if you just post your name u probably wont be in cuz i might not bother to look you up. be sure that you have no deals going by the 25th ish and have all of your slots open by then. if youre desperate for tch or money during that time do onl quick 3x3 deals please!!!

thanks, i hope this works out! i want to start by the 26th cuz ill have all slots open by then.

if this works good, then we can do it again asap after this one was well. buyers make sure you will have the 15 million by that time!

Buyer 1: Alex the Great

Buyer 2: Denisov

Buyer 3: Tankshock

Buyer 4:

Buyer 5:

Seller 1: Otto14

Seller 2:

Seller 3:

Seller 4:

Seller 5:

come join now!

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I'm in. I'll be a buyer.

Tankshock of on x-box live


i have 15mil ready.

if done correctly, every buyer gets 15 mill - the cost of the tech to keep and each seller gets 500 tech after 20 days!

you mean the other way around? every seller gets 15mil - cost of tech, and every buyer gets 500 tech?

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oh yeah another thought occured to me, sellers- dont buy all the tech at once because that will put you at a loss. you buy 50 only(in batches of 10) or you can go 4.5 10 10 10 10 6.5 (the second ways cheaper but i never bothered when i was a small nation) then you send it to all of te buyers. whoever accepts it first gets the tech then after a while you buy another 50, then then next to accept gets it, etc. remember you all need to be very active on the tech sending day, becasue the buyers dont need to worry abt the money but the sellers need to worry abt the tech tho buz it means less of a profit. hopefully it all works out when were doing it. lol

its like communisim, in theory it should work out fine, but, in practice...


thanks and keep joining!!! sorry abt grammar acn commas in the wrong place!!!

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thats what i thought. ive already given up on this now, im sorry. i htought id be doing it till at least the 20th but i really needed the tech so iv started soing some deals of my own.

if i were you id stop bothering too, lol




im currently doing deals with them. if you want to do deals they have slots open!!!

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