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So addictive like crack...


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Free your mind it's time for good times

And let yourself move it's a time to shine

Spread your wings in the sky, feelin' good inside

Breaking fool with no need to hide

I got the music cuttin' throught me

Takin' control of my soul

I can't hold back I've got to let go

Stand together people come together now

It's about time we've got to get together y'all

- Stand Together by Beastie Boys

From the piece of plywood that it is supposed to serve as my desk in the

corner that they stuffed me in since Bama and the other TOOL retirees

have decided to turn the Hand of Foreign Affairs room into a lava room,

it is a time for a SNOW Director/Hand of Foreign Affairs announcement...

Two recent additions to the white sphere have emerged and joined the blizzard party occuring at SNOW. One is TOOL's former protectorate who has made their stage across the wintery snowland loud and clear. Former bratty kids. ;) We also have the pleasure to welcome She Said She Was 18, SSSW18 to SNOW. More unity and perhaps more headaches from the gaggling bunch that keeps growing. And here I thought my auntie's iceballs were bad, just wait what these cook up. Anyhow, welcome SSSW18 and Argent to SNOW.

Solidarity of Nations On White (SNOW)


"A day will come when markets, open to trade, and minds, open to ideas, will become the sole battlefield."

-- Victor Marie Hugo

Opening Statement

This treaty in no way affects the sovereign rights of any alliance, nor limits their ability to conduct themselves in a manner in which they see fit. Every alliance party in this treaty agrees that their current and future military status will not alter this treaty in anyway. This treaty is an expression of economic unity, not of military unity.

We the undersigned agree to participate and cooperate in matters of trade and technology by opening up our trade markets to every member of the participating alliances. We reserve the right to trade with unaligned nations and non-SNOW nations; however, that will not be done through SNOW, and will not come under Article 2.

Article 1 - Trade

All SNOW trade, tech, and donation areas will be open to each undersigned alliance and the governments of each alliance have committed to work together to organize such activities. Any member of the undersigned alliances or their approved protectorates may apply for and take part in trade circles, tech deals, and donation deals as long as they remain in good standing. Moderated trade circles will be provided, and all SNOW members are encouraged to participate. Non-member or unaligned nations may apply for a special merchant mask for access to the Trade section alone.

Trading and tech deals with non-participating alliances are still encouraged but organization of such deals will not occur through official SNOW mediums. All Trade and Tech Deals alike will be held in a neutral setting where politics are banned.

Article 2 - Aggression.

We, the undersigned agree that stability and unity of the White sphere is important for trade, and will therefore not take part in any acts of aggression towards each other. This includes all acts of espionage, use of military and spy attacks, and aiding enemies of the undersigned. We also agree to remain civil and as friendly as possible in both public and private.

Article 3 - Organization

We, the undersigned, aim to unify our trade processes in order to make it easier to find trades and tech deals on the White sphere. The Solidarity of Nations On White will be primarily run by The Order of Light in an attempt to ease the day to day issues of SNOW. The Order of Light will appoint a Director of SNOW, responsible for managing and moderating SNOW and its individual departments, communicating between SNOW and its member alliances, and enforcing the SNOW Charter. Any issue that the charter does not cover shall be decided on a case by case basis by the SNOW Director, SNOW Representatives, and TOOL. Each alliance is required to provide one active Representative as well as other various staff to help with trade circles, tech deals, masking, and other miscellaneous duties. Appointed Representatives will function primarily as a voice and contact for their alliance, as well as help facilitate the needs of SNOW and tend promptly to voting issues. They are encouraged to help out as SNOW staff and take an active role. Moderation powers will be given out to participating alliances if such needs arise to ensure that trade circles and tech deals are operating smoothly. Staff may be removed at the discretion of the SNOW Director, TOOL and the undersigned alliance which they represent.

All undersigned alliances and their protectorates agree that no political decisions will be made, and that all actions taken are purely towards the goal of better trading and growth of SNOW nations.

Article 4 - Discipline

All alliances party to this treaty or under the protection of undersigned alliances agree to resolve trade and technology disputes in a timely fashion and to work together to determine punishment where needed due to violations of the SNOW Treaty. Each member alliance takes responsibility for its members' and protectorates' actions and agrees to deal with issues according to the SNOW Director and SNOW reps' decisions. All day to day issues that may come up will be decided on and enforced by the incumbent representatives of SNOW and the SNOW Director.

Article 5 - Membership

SNOW membership is available to any White team alliance, pending approval by The Order of Light and undersigned alliances of SNOW. Protectorates of member alliances are automatically allowed access to SNOW as long as their parent alliance remains a member, providing their protectorate remains in good standing and their protector alliance approves their involvement and also takes responsibility for said protectorates' actions. Applying alliances may be offered provisional acceptance, whereupon they will be allowed access to the trade area exclusively until specified conditions are met.

Article 6 - Amendments

Participant alliances understand that amendments to this treaty may be necessary in the future. Any such amendments must be approved by The Order of Light and majority vote of active SNOW Representatives.

Article 7 - Termination

If one of the undersigned chooses to terminate this pact, they must give three days notice before they are officially removed from SNOW. Until the three days, they remain fully bonded to the provisions contained therein. A member alliance may be immediately removed from the Trade Bloc by a 2/3 majority vote of the SNOW Director and active SNOW Representatives, or by a majority vote of The Order of Light.

Signed for The Order of Light

Lord Captain Commander: Grahamkeatley

Hand of Commerce: LegendKiller

Hand of Education: Locke426

Hand of Foreign Affairs: King William I

Hand of Finance: Atora

Hand of Executive Affairs: FeigelInc

Hand of War: Dodoei123

Hand of Internal Affairs: Itsme

The Council of the Light

Signed for Siberian Tiger Alliance:

Supreme Chancellor: Crown Prince Mishka of Tygaland

Chancellor: Uhtred of Norse

Consilium Tigris:

Peter of Korlus

Mingle of Mingle-and

Nicky Firenight of Zulchep

Pezstar of Pezstaria


Brian Reimer, Executive Triumvir

Duncan King, External Triumvir

Metictype, Internal Triumvir

KujaSin, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Signed for Nusantara Elite Warriors:

Cyrus0321 - Triumvir

GantanX - Triumvir

K1L1On1Mr - Acting Triumvir

Schatten - MoFA

The German Empire:

His Imperial and Royal Majesty, The German Emperor, and King of Prussia, Emperor Frederick II

His Excellency, Imperial Chancellor, Vlad Dracula

His Imperial Excellency, Imperial Vice-Chancellor, Valdemar

The Imperial German Government, The Reichstag

Signed for The Phoenix Federation;

mhawk, Hard Six Roller

Ayrrie, Phoenix Magistrate

Beernuts, Phoenix Magistrate

Desperado`, Phoenix Magistrate

Slayer99, Phoenix Magistrate

Wingwhiper Jr, Phoenix Magistrate

Great Lakes Union, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Signed for Defense Confederation:

~ ZoomZoomZoom, Triumvir of Foreign Affairs

~ Cowen70, Triumvir of Internal Affairs

~ Maligore, Triumvir of War

Signed for the We Are Perth Army (WAPA)




Signed for United Commonwealth of Nations:

Minister of Foreign Affairs - Mustakrakish II

Security General - Minister of Silly Walks



Severus Alexander

Tsru Ikk


Borimir Resurrected

Minister of Defense - DarkFox

Minister of Internal - Dionysus

Signed for Fellowship Elite Allied Republics:

Turetel, Chancellor

King Dog, Vice-Chancellor

ClashCityRocker, Director of Foreign Affairs

Vespassianus, Director of Defense

Sivart, Director of Finances

Neversummer, Director of Recruitment

GodofMarines, Director of Education

Signed for Argent:

Janax of Krymson, Regent

RustyNail of Coercri, Vice-Regent

Raholia of Alagashia, MoFA

Fuzz227, Council

Poobah, Council

iAMyourENDiNG, Council

Signed for SSSW18

Neforatu - President

Jipps - Vice President

Brandon Simonson - Minister of Internal Affairs

DirkNL - Minister of Foreign Affairs

Warrior19 - Minster of Defense

Blackrose - Minister of Recruitment

SNOW- so addictive no one escapes. ;)

Sincerely, Mia

TOOL Hand of Foreign Affairs/SNOW Director

Edited by Salmia
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If you put him in charge of "TOOL Applicant" he'd be more powerful than a large portion of leaders.

Salmia is a woman, SM. ;) (If you were referring to someone else, ignore me. Wouldn't be the first time I was wrong. Won't be the last.)

But you are probably right :lol:

Edited by Uralica
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Hey uh...didn't defcon merge?

Just giving ya a heads up and welcome to all the new members

Pssh, they signed the treaty, so their name is still on it. :) Their ghost is haunting you.

We'll try to spare the rest of you from a Mia alliance :P

Glad to have both you guys officially on board.

edit: well, they did still sign the treaty Desperado

And pssh. My alliance would be more powerful than you know. ;)

If you put him in charge of "TOOL Applicant" he'd be more powerful than a large portion of leaders.

*coughsSHEcoughs* And nah. I could take over easily another way. Besides, Locke rules the TOOL applicant AA.

Also Dio, if any of you Argent people EVER ask me about SNOW again and annoy me as much as you have, you're going to be pummeled. ;) So SNOW or GTFO. :D

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