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Tolaria puts out call for diplomats


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As part of our infrastructure improvement project, Tolaria is going to construct an International Lane in our capital, where we will be placing embassies from foreign nations. Unfortunately, we don't currently have diplomatic relations with anybody. As such, we're putting out a call for all nations to trade ambassadors with Tolaria. We're particularly interested in nations from South America and Antarctica due to our location obviously, but also wish to spread the wings of friendship to nations throughout the world. Anyone wishing to exchange diplomats with Tolaria and establish formal diplomatic relations please let us know

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Anodonia will send the honored Jarl Kalark to Tolaria.

Tolaria will return the favor by sending the venerable Duke J'hord Estrem. He comes bearing a small gift:


The wings of friendship: Traditionally, in Tolaria as a sign of peace between warring factions each leader would catch a dove with his bare hands and tear its wings off, and they would exchange these as a symbol of how the new friendship that will blossom between them has beauty greater than that of a graceful dove. Unfortunately, doves are now extinct in Tolaria, and we now exchange artful artificial wings.

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