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Northern Earthquake Crisis

Razgriz 2K9

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3,300 people were confirmed killed when an earthquake rocked Northern Yuktobania last night. The eqrthquake was registered on the Rhicter scale as 7.3. However, the government responded to late to help get some of the people out of the area. The hardest hit was the Yuktobanian port city of Darina, which has suffered 1/3 of the 3300 killed.


In an address to the nation, Prime Minister Nikanor stated, "We were not quick enough to get people out of there. However we will send food, medicene, clothes and any & all construction equipment to rebuild the Northern Yuktobanian region. Already, the gov't has spent over $360 million in aid to the region. However a few parliament members called it, "A disaster, as far as our current economy is going." Nikanor responded to the statement that "People are far more important than the economy and military are.

To help make up the money lost, the prime minister has called for a plan for a further reduction in troops and tanks.

OOC: RP response to an IC Attack

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We are willing to send rations and help with the recovery. As your neighbor and ally we have felt the stur of the earth as well. Fortunately, we havent suffered as much damages as you. If you would allow it, our crews would be at your disposal.

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We thank you for the support.

YBN NEWS: Construction crews and aid workers from Yuktobania and multiple nations, inlucidng Yuktobania's ally, the Northern Empire, has already begun serchaing for survivors and providing them with food, clothing, blankets and medicene. So far, only 150 survivors, and another 250 casualties has been confirmed in the city of Darina. This has brought up the death total to about 3,550. Yuktobanian military troops have been patrolling the area, ensuring that no crime has been committed in the disaster zone. Already, 65% of the city has been confirmed destroyed. Funds are being poured into the region to rebuild the city, much to the chargain of the Parliament members of the Yuke National Party.

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