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Solairen Federacy open first miliatry base


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"Earlier today troops for the Solairen Federacy arrived here at the first military base built by the Federacy, the government has stated that it will be used only as a defensive base and also stated that it was a sign that the Federacy is very much alive. Several state officials have already toured the base and watched Federacy troops train and keep fit, they have already stated their proudness at how much their nation has advanced in such a short time"

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We reserve the right to say anything we want.


We have not conducted foreign affairs as we were part of the Dragon Empire.

"Private message in response*

"Of course you do but it seems silly that you are getting worried because a nation has a military don't you think?"

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Private Message to Estovakia:

Of course it is. But its all just good business.

*Private message in response*

"Ah we see and you probally shouldn't say its just good business. We remember watching a pirate film where a man said that and it didn't turn out well for him"

OOC: Sorry couldn't resist.

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Private Message to Estovakia

Its just good business.

Look I said it again, and no cannons blew up meh BZZZZZZZZZZZZ....

Public Message

It is with great sorrow that we announce that a misfire at a carnival has crashed into a diplomatic office, killing 2 workers while communicating with Estovakia.

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