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Vanguard Edict


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Vanguard Edict

With a missy who was ready to play.

In another stunning display of democracy - and I'm actually serious this time - the Architects of Vanguard for the February/March term have been selected. I congratulate each of them, and on behalf of QuiteTheUserName and myself, I can say the Grand Architecture looks forward to working with them toward further prosperity, success and strength for Vanguard. The elections have witnessed the experienced Architects of Rafa Nadal and Thaliak maintaining their positions at the helm of the Departments of Foreign Affairs and Internal Affairs, respectively. Former Sword of Vanguard, Petrovich, successfully sought to apply his talents to the Vanguard Treasury. And two new and highly promising candidates, Napoleon and Fire Within, were elected to command the Vanguard Imperial Force and maintain the Vanguard University and Library. It is my honour to introduce our administration for the next two months:

Grand Architects of Vanguard

The Sovereign, Revanche

The Vizier, QTUN

Architects of Vanguard

The Sword, Napoleon

The Shield, Rafa Nadal

The Hammer, Thaliak

The Treasurer, Petrovich

The Scholar, Fire Within


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