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A Dispatch from the Commandant of the Grand Army of Europe


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Meeting with the leaders of Gebiv and the Vektaria, the Commandant Han Fei Zi of the Grand Army of Europe has brokered the following terms for there dispute.

  • [1]The Vektarian and Gebiv forces will withdraw from combat and agree to white peace.
    [2]There will be a creation of 10 mile demilitarized zone into the Swiss Borderland along the Gebiv-Vektarian Border. This area will be patrolled by Grand Army of Europe forces.
    [3]There will be a removal of Rebel Virginian non-state actors from Europe, verified by the United Francoist Empire.

We fully expect all parties to stand down.

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**Private to Grand Army of Europe Command**

Prussian Peacekeepers request to assist in the establishment and maintenance of a DMZ along the Swiss border. It is a goal on our stance of Neutrality to assist in World and European peace and this seems to be the top example of maintaining such an idea.

We feel that we can offer a completely neutral party to help facilitate and monitor actions in the area.

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