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A Joint Announcment from The Sasori Initiative and Athens


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The Code of the Warrior Pact


Athens and The Sasori Initiative, having been acquainted for a long while and having shared a few trials and tribulations along the way, resolve that their friendship is best expressed officially to demonstrate the bond we share with each other.

I. Sovereignty

Both signatories recognize the other as sovereign entitles and agree to treat each other with respect in regards to internal and external problems. Neither party shall attempt to dictate the course of the other.

II. Peace

Neither signatory will be involved in militarily aggressive behavior towards the other. If there is a nation responsible from either side that violates this part of the pact, the other side shall work toward a peaceful resolution and repair of any damages suffered.

III. Communications

Both alliances will be friendly in communications towards one another in public including the OWF and IRC channels. Both alliances will be friendly and show support in communications, whether towards each other, the greater community of the Cyberverse or with another alliance speaking about the other. Both signatories agree that diplomatic relations will be used before any other means in dealing with violations of this accord.

IV. Aid and Defense

When one signatory needs assistance, the other is encouraged, but not obliged, to provide any and all assistance possible within forty-eight hours of the aid request up to and including full military intervention.

V. Intelligence

Both alliances believe in the continued well-being of the other signatory. In that effort, any intelligence that may come to one of the signatories about an attack on the other will be communicated in a timely manner. In addition, neither signatory will use tactics of spying against the other alliance. Acts of spying are treated as a violation of part II of this accord.

VI. Cancellation / Upgrade

Barring a blatant violation of parts II or V of this treaty, if a party wishes to not continue to be a part of this pact, they must inform the other an follow a cancellation period of 96 hours during which this pact is in force.

Signed for The Sasori Initiative:

Empress Shurukian, Empress

Dethodav, Councilor

Adam Suttler, Councilor

W1Ck3d, Councilor-in-absentia

Signed for Athens

Londo Mollari, Archon Eponymos

Rsoxbronco1, Archon Basileus

Jgoods45, Theorodokos

May this be an awesome start to a healthy relationship between our two alliances.



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Since TSI and magicninja like ya.. I'll toss out a oo/ to Athens :)

I mean.. who can argue with Samurai and Ninjas?... er more like.. who would :P

oo/ TSI

Nice PIAT there guys.. Keep it up.. You make White look secksier :)

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Working with Athens has always been awesome, and they've been around Toku and I since before the birth of TSI. Even with our unusual start, a friendship bloomed, and that makes real friends. Needless to say, I love this treaty. :D



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