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Treaty Announcement from the Greenland Republic and the New Polar Order

Plain and simple, the Greenland Republic and the New Polar Order have signed an MDoAP. We look forward to the whale watching that will ensue. It shall be the activity of the future.

Bi-Polar Accords


Recognizing the bonds of friendship that exist between the New Polar Order and the Greenland Republic, and embracing the sacrifices we have made together, the undersigned alliances hereby enter into this binding agreement.

Article 1: Peace

Neither alliance will engage in offense actions against the other, be they military, or otherwise.

Article 2: Friendship

Recognizing the friendship and brotherhood that exists between the undersigned, both alliances will treat each other with respect no matter the situation, and all conflicts will be resolved through peaceful and respectful interaction and compromise.

Article 3: Succor

Both alliances are mandated to provide financial, military, and moral aid to the other in the event of an aggressive attack on one of the undersigned alliances.

Article 4: Isolation

The undersigned recognize that this treaty is between the Greenland Republic, and the New Polar Order only: and as such, will not be influenced, or abused by outside forces. Therefore, article 3 does not apply to any military conflict initiated by another treaty, or a conflict sparked by uninvolved parties.

Article 5: Aggression

Recognizing that this treaty is defensive in nature, the undersigned acknowledge that sometimes aggressive action is necessary. Thus, both alliances agree that in some instances joint aggressive initiatives must be waged, and as such they will be sanctioned by this document.

Article 6: Alteration

Any article of this treaty may be changed following approval from both alliances.

Article 7: Cancellation

This treaty may be canceled immediately by mutual consent, or within 48 hours by the will of one alliance, as long as extensive discourse has already taken place, and both sides have endeavoured to maintain this document.

Signed for the New Polar Order;

AlmightyGrub, Emperor

Zbaldwin, Regent

Arctic Penguin, Imperial Liaison

Dajobo, Minister of Truth

Not Sane, Minister of Plenty

Fallen Fool, Minister of Peace

Jphillips, Deputy Minister of Truth

Signed for the Greenland Republic;

Archon: Drai

Minister of Foreign Affairs: ilselu1

Minister of Defense: Virillus

Minister of the Interior: Poolmeister

Minister of Finance: Sande

Senate: Kestral, Kammy, Cripple, Menwearpink, Wurzel

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