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MDP Imperium of America /Dragon Empire

Maelstrom Vortex

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1. Signatories agree not to war with each other.

2. Signatories agree to defend each other during times of conflict and to support in whatever way capable, all means necessary, their partner in this treaty.

3. In the event of disrupted shipping, signatories agree they will move to each others aid providing emergency relief if a particular territory is under the threat of a shortage of supplies. In order to cover this shortfall, the partner in the treaty receiving the backup supplies would compensate the provider at fair market prices as is determined on the Imperium of America commodities market.

4. This treaty may be canceled anytime with a 24 hours Notice.

Maelstrom Vortex,

-- Chairman of Council of the Dragon Empire

Megan Fox

-- Vice Chairwoman

-- Minster of Diplomacy of the Dragon Empire


Imperator Kevin Holihan

Consul David Martinez

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Byzantium congratulates both signatories, but refuses to comment any further.

(OOC: Notice Byzantium's 'rise'? :P )

OOC: Well, it's not gonna happen all at once...that wouldn't be too realistic, and besides, probably not as fun for you, if you admit it... ;)

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