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NADC and Zenith Go to First Base

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So I was hanging out in Zenith's front office one day and Barkeaters from NADC came in and we started talking. We realized that we and our alliances had a lot of common opinions and goals. Because Zenith is still a relatively young and chaste alliance (we are on the White Team, after all) we decided to date NADC for a bit to make sure it was true love instead of having everyone jump in the back of Brian Reimer's (Zenith's Executive Triumvir's) convertible and going to a drive-thru wedding chapel to get hitched.

I therefore have the honor of presenting our dating arrangement, the Northern Zenith Accords.


The Northern Zenith Accords

The North Atlantic Defence Coalition and Zenith, two alliances on this here Planet Bob, agree to the following treaty.


NADC and Zenith agree that while they are working together on the outside, on the inside, they will remain separate.


NADC and Zenith agree to not attack or spy on each other or help someone else to do those things.

Optional Aid and Defense

When the situation demands, one of the signatories may ask the other for help in terms of financial aid or military assistance (offensive or defensive) and the other may agree to grant that aid, although it is not required to do so. If aid is provided, this treaty will preclude all NAPs.

Sharing is Caring

NADC and Zenith agree to tell each other stuff, especially if that information could affect the safety of one of them. Among the things that the alliances are encouraged to share are military and treaty plans. If the information affects the safety of the other signatory, this information must be shared.


NADC agree to stay and touch and evaluate their relationship. If both parties are still feeling the love, this treaty may be upgraded to an MDoAP one month after signing. If the parties aren't ready to commit yet, they can agree to continue under this OADP.


This treaty may be cancelled by either party with 72 hours notice. At the time of notification, a 72 hour period of non aggression begins during which neither party may attack the other.



Secretary General: TankKiller

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Barkeaters

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs: Nadjia

For Zenith:

Executive Triumvir: Brian Reimer

External Triumvir: Duncan King

Internal Triumvir: Metictype

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Kuja Sin


Yes, drive thru wedding chapels exist. ;)

Edited by Duncan King
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NADC, you better behave like a gentleman. Don't wanna have to console Zenith through a nasty breakup again. I just don't have enough cookie dough ice cream to do that right now.

Congrats, you crazy kids. ^^d

Me a gentleman.... of course.

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