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We Hope...


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***Public Broadcast***

On televisions everywhere.

Empress Gaga stood on her balcony and faced the millions of people watching her.

"Today is a day that will go down in the history books as a day of triumph.

A day people will remember for decades to come.

A vote showed 3/4 of the population say YES.

The council unanimously voted YES.

Today, Othello would like to announce its joining as a state of the Dragon Empire!

After careful consideration and thought, we have decided this to be in the best interest of the people and country as a whole.

By doing this, we hope to bring more peace and stability to the world...

We hope to bring more prosperity to our country...

We hope to make an everlasting friendship with the Dragon Empire...

And last but not least, We hope to show the world our good intentions on the world stage...

From this day forward, Othello will be known as a loyal state of the Dragon Empire!

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"We cannot deny the will of the people of Othello. Their voices have been made known and we grant our ear to them. They are formally accepted as a state of the Empire. The Empress has been contacted, she has made us aware of her desire to be the Minister of Health. We fully approve of this request.. and the seat will be vacated for her, the current occupant will be granted an early retirement package for their many years of loyal service. Welcome to the Empire, people of Othello.. new citizens of our nation." A press release was made on behalf of Maelstrom Vortex by his press department.

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"The people are forever grateful to you."

"I can assure you, while I hold the Office of Health, people will live long, disease will be at an all time low, and people will get better care at hospitals."

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