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The Three Towers Plan (SMX3)

Maelstrom Vortex

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This thread is open to everyone who wishes to participate.. press dignitaries, etc. The names in the topic line are simply to get their attention

Chairman Maelstrom was rolled up to the podium, "Ladies and Gentlemen of the World. The Empire has been laboring in silence, together.. and independently.. on a plan to develop financial centers in all of our regions. This week, as part of the "Three Towers" plan, a new Stock Market will be opened to the public in Tasmania, as part of the Sword Building in downtown Dragonisia; in Indochina, and in the New Taiwanese republic. Many already know of the Sword Building development.. so I will now let Chairmain Biao of Indochina and Nebu II of New Taiwan fill you in on their local developments. In the case of New Taiwan, the rush to completion is part of a local recovery from their most recent disasters." He was then pulled back to let the other ministers speak about their personal projects.

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"We plan on having it finished in 4-6 days, It will be our biggest project up-to-date. It will be located in the Capital city of Karumba, in a brand-new block we are building it on, it is over top the Karumba Bay. It is made of Eco-Friendly materials found here in Taiwan."

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