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There are numerous ways: more environment friendly government, less dirty resources (coal, iron, uranium), more environment friendly resources (water, radiation cleanup), border walls, more tech, more land (enough to get a 2:1 infra:land ratio), less nukes, different government positions, etc. Of course, making some of those changes isn't always worthwhile.

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What Rasskull mentioned, but I'll emphasize optimising your gov position - this is an absolutely free one that even quite a few experinced players don't seem to know about. Set immigration policy to option 2 or 3, drugs policy to option 2 or 3, and nuclear position to 2 if trading uranium, 3 if you have nukes and 1 otherwise. You can get a 3 point environment increase from this which is a significant increase in citizen count and income.

Edt: And one not mentioned so far, soldier efficiency below 60% of citizen count. Most people including myself would advise against this though as it leaves you much more vulnerable.

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