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Yellow Trade Circle


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This is a Yellow circle

Nations located on any sphere are welcome to reply, but are expected to move to Yellow when the circle launches. You alliance will not fall apart if one nation relocates to an unofficial color.

If you are interested, then post your desire to participate, and your nation link. Please do not quote this post. This is a longterm circle.

Slots will be edited as they are filled, please do not reply if one or more of your resources is already filled.

Bonuses are Steel, Affluent Population, and Fine Jewelry. Despite not being the traditional circle, this set gives solid effects to bill reduction, population increase, happiness increase, income increase, and military effectiveness.


There has been some concern over which bonuses are used. In this circle, Affluent Population is used to generate a high income effect of +$10. 100 citizens paying taxes on their base income+10 will give you more tax revenue than 110 citizens paying taxes on their income+6.50. By forgoing a slightly larger population increase and taking a much higher income incraese you will make more money.




Citizen Income: +$10

Citizen Increase: +17.4%

Happines: +12

Infra Cost: -18.5%

Tech Cost: -5%

Land Cost: -14.5%

Land Bonus: +38%

Soldier Efficiency: +36.6%

Soldier Cost: -$6

Navy Cost: -15%

Aircraft Cost: -7.8%

Infra Upkeep: -17.2%

Soldier Upkeep: -$0.5

Tank Upkeep: -9.8%

Navy Upkeep: -10%




Gems - Schattenmann

Rubber - Schattenmann

Coal -

Fish -

Furs - Frederick

Gold -

Iron -

Lumber - Frederick

Oil - Chief Savage Man

Pigs -

Silver - Chief Savage Man

Wine -

Edited by Schattenmann
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Coal and Lumber signing up.

Although Frederick already has lumber...hmmm

If you can make room for Cattle, count me in with Pigs also.
I have the pigs & furs but someone is already on the furs.

I can keep you all in mind as replacements if anyone that's already signed on craps out, but that's as best as I can do--can't really kick people out.

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