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# Fallout Shelter System - $40,000,000 - Allows 50% of your defending soldiers to survive a nuclear strike (Does not prevent nuclear Anarchy but does prevent troops from being totally depleted), Reduces tank, cruise missile, and aircraft, losses from a nuclear strike by -25%, Reduces nuclear vulnerable navy losses by 12%, Reduces nuclear anarchy effects by 1 day. Requires 6,000 infrastructure, 2,000 technology.

Question One

With respect to the bolded phrase -

Does the FSS prevent your government from entering Anarchy after a nuclear strike from soldier depletion? I know for certain it does not prevent the "nuclear anarchy" effects as are stated in its reduction of them, but does it prevent regular anarchy?

For example I have 80% soldier percent defending, I get nuked with the FSS, I now have

40% soldiers, in regular anarchy

40% soldiers, not in regular anarchy

This is assuming NO ground attacks take place after the nuke strike.

Question Two

Do deployed soldiers return home with the nuclear strike or do they remain deployed until forced to return home by GA/defeat alert or some other normal event (other than nukes ;))?

Using % of my total population again, I get nuked with the FSS while having 40% deployed/40% at home

40% deployed/20% home

0% deployed/60% home

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