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Alliance banking system

Vlad Dracula

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Not sure this is the right place for this. I haven't been able to find it elsewhere. How has your alliance set up your banking system? Do you do a donation chain where nations add to it and it eventually ends up at one nation that is designated the "bank"?

Just wondering how other alliances do it and how it works best for you.



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Every alliance has its own policy, I'm sure, and I expect most of them keep their organisational cards close to their chests. So as not to be chased around the room by angry Grämlins, I can't tell you our system either ;). But in simple terms, an alliance bank is simply a collection of high infra nations who have the capacity to produce large amounts of money, and typically they would keep most of their aid slots free and $15m+ on hand so as to be able to provide large amounts of quick aid in an emergency.

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We have our designated banks. Basically, they just have to make enough that they have the capability to fill all of their slots with $3 mil whenever they open without stopping (if need be). Then they save enough to fill all of their slots at once should the need arise. Personally, I make sure to keep enough to fill my slots two or three times over at least.

Once you have enough of these, you simply coordinate where that money needs to go and how it is going to get there. That's pretty much the basics of a solid banking system.

Edit: I should add, it's the application of those funds that determines whether your bank is worth anything. Just having a bank without knowing how to use or protect it is pretty worthless. Those things...you'll have to figure out for yourself.

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