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United Allied Nations


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United Allied Nations

Hello from the UAN we are a new alliance that is only of three members at the moment. We are just now going public, we had to make sure everything was up and running before hand. If you go to our forums and register you can see our constitution and other rules. We are offering top positions while they last, get them now before its to late.

Positions still available,

Secretary of State

Secretary of Foreign Affairs

Alpha company = nation strength 5k and up

Alpha Company General

Alpha Company Executive Officer

Alpha Company 1st Sergeant

All the same for Bravo Company

Bravo company is nation strength 2k-5k

What is already filled

President Zero_Sg1

Vice President Onsoyon

Secretary of Defense Artimes

Do you not want to be a part of a alliance that has a great structure but just needs people. Why not be in an alliance that doesnt kill others for fun, an alliance that looks after eachother and does not demand things from you. Be apart of this revolutionay idea and help us shape part of the world.

Oui Forums?

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