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In Reguards to Taiwan


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It was a dark, damp day in Taiwan as the government was still locked in a bunker, nonetheless they still had to continue their work and in the very weak state The Empire was in, the government had a meeting, they were tired, cold and very weak. So Nebu II stands up and says the following.

"Government membership, We have been hit so hard that we had to go into the bunkers we hoped to never use, I am great friends with the Emperor of The Dragonisia, Maelstrom Vortex. As big as they are they will be sure to protect us all, But before we contact him, I want to hear your thoughts, please cast your vote 'Yay' or 'Nay' to join The Dragonisia Empire."

It takes two hours for the results, the final voting resulting as 67% Yay, 33% Nay.

"I am very glad you guys have made the decision I have wanted, so we will contact Emperor Maelstrom Vortex and ask for his approval."

Nebu II gets Maelstrom Vortex on hot line and tells him everything that has happened and that they wish to join The Empire.

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"Your application is accepted." A few hours later aid shipments begin to unload in the New Taiwanese Empire, including first responders. Their priority 1 Goal is to get the biological and chemical weapons attack contained, diagnosed and to labs for processing and curing. A strict quarantine of afflicted persons was put into effect as 50,000 guard soldiers arrive in the sealed-up Sea-Tyrant tanks to aid in the process and help secure order.

Food and water rations are also brought ashore. Scientists in HAZMAT suits arrive in order to begin inspecting the area and begin to assess how best to start getting the region back on its feet again.

A Spec Ops team lands outside of Nebu's Bunker to evacuate the stressed government officials to a designated safe-area for decontamination and inspection on the surface of the Tasmanian island.

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Taiwan might be throwing in the towel prematurely.

Just because your enemies are at the gates, your lands contaminated, and your government is in a bunker is no reason to give up.

Procinctia’s enemies passed through our gates, our lands are contaminated, our population lives in bunkers, because we never surrendered.

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