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The Breakdown

Kaiser Martens

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OOC: Not a part of CNRP. Also, lol bill lock/being unable to surrender.



"This cannot be how it ends."

Martens stared forwards right into the cold eyes of the Battle Maiden.

"We have been the most loyal...one of the few to remember you, even fewer to honor you. You cannot pay us back with this. You cannot choose us all!"

The tall woman in armor walked forwards towards Martens slowly, it clanked with every step, Martens moved to the side and she continued over towards the window in the room, opening it and looking down at Berlin, the busy Berlin that it was.

"...You should be honored." - She closes her eyes. "Most people only end up seeing us when they are already dead. But of course, you are a special case. What the Norns have decided cannot be undone, Lord Odin is doing this in order to prevent you, precisely, from joining other ranks. Have you stopped to think, oh Great Kaiser, that there may be bigger battles for us in the future than those concerning Midgaard?"

Martens growled for a moment, then he nods.

"I see."

The woman goes on, "From this plane you cannot see the big picture. And you do not see the plan of the Aesir. You and all of Nordland have been chosen, few will survive, that is the way it is, not even we could stop the universe's machinery dead in its tracks. You will accept. Unless you prefer Niflheim..."

The Kaiser said nothing. The Valkyrie turns around and smiles coldly, adding, "I'd know you'd understand. The battle is beginning now. The rest of your fallen brothers are waiting for you. Watch..." Outside it could be seen that the blue protective energy shield flickered and failed. And then Martens woke up. More like his eyes snapped open, and for a split second he felt the instinctive will to punch fowards - above, at nothingness - as if an enemy was right there. He rolls off of his bed and then stands up, panting...and his PDA activates, receiving a message.

His eyes open wide. A fire at the Shield Generator underground! How could it be? He runs to the window nearby and looks out, growling, knowing what was coming: The energy field flickers, and "wears off" in seconds. It is still 4 am before the sun, it is a young monday, most people do not notice.

"......" He leans sideways against the window, and mutters, "Curse you...you have killed us all..." As if truly blaming the Valkyrie dream for this. He pushes off and finally answers the message: "Defcon 1. Get the Reichswehr ready. We're not gonna sit down and wait for 'em to come."

The Kaiser moves on to have a bath, get ready, and all. Throughout this his eyes just stare blankly forwards. Could it be that he had been going slightly mad? It was unbelieveable. He had achieved more than what he ever dreamed of, but realization of dreams seemed to have the side effect of bringing nightmares to live. How is this possible? Nordland, so big and strong...falling due to...infight. Infighting. Thoughts of old Magnus come to mind: "I think that the Germanic peoples are inherently separatist from each other. It is natural for Germanic peoples to fight each other." - Could this be true after all? That was how Nordreich had fallen and later why Nordland as well had fallen - inner weakness and division allowing for "opportunist invasions".

Indeed, he had created Nordreich and Nordland, but was it not slipping from his hands? Much like a father who soon enough cannot control a child when it becomes a teenager. Maybe that was just the way things were always ment to be? His brain was but a machine, always working without a pause. With his uniform still unbuttonned, he moves forth over the window and looks around and below at the chosen ones.

Soon enough, there'd be only death and scorched earth all around him. The Nordlandic Genocide had been brutal and unforgiving as probably 90% of the Nordlandic population got systematically murdered by the enemy: All of Norden Verein, all former Nordreich, all Sons of Muspell, and more - save for a few lucky ones. So it was that even if Martens got to his throne after fighting Nazis out of it, he'd soon be labeled one himself, and ironically enough, then all Nordlanders systematically eliminated. But why is this surprising. It was not the first time it happened in history, nor certainly the last.

He whispers then towards the west... "When Ivan left...your soul left with him." And he laughs, pushing back from the window. Could it be that things were really ending after all? Even former brothers in arms of countless wars had shunned them all. But no, save for himself there was only one man responsible for this...yes...it was all lost, but there was still time...time for some revenge.

Martens finished buttoning up his uniform, reached for Gungnir and put on and adjusted his Stahlhelm.

Hours later...

Slaytanic Wehrmacht Headquarters

"Sir, reports have arrived from Deutschland. It seems that our army was victorious against the German...militia. Apparently they could afford a proper army no more. They have been thrown into Anarchy and we have destroyed money with minor losses only, the operation is a success."

Slayer nodded as he was sitting in his chair, overviewing the operations of the control room. "Very good. They are done for. Please continue to carry out attacks, once the remainder of the resistance is crushed notify me and I shall go and plant our banner there at last." He smiled, pleased.

"Sir, another message has arrived...but...wait, what is this? Uhm..."

Slayer chimes in, "What? Project it on the main screen." And so the message is amplified. It shows only the following:

"Иду на вы" The leader shakes his head twice, not understanding. What is this? Are these some Russians? What is this? - And then a low-ranking operation steps up... "Sir. I know what that means."


"It means...I'm coming for you. What could this be?"

In that moment, the first artillery shells landed directly onto the building it, shaking it up, making it tremble.

"Sir! We are under attack from...Martens? How could it be?"

Slayer smirks. "Martens. He imagined we'd have nothing to defend with due to having sent a large force to his land! They are not enough...send all units forwards, but do not attack Martens. Do not kill him. Leave him to me." And so the General rises.




The Tigers attacked. The walls of the capital HQ of the Slaytanic Wehrmacht had been nearly ripped away by Martens' Heavy Coilguns, an onslaught of bloodthirsty Einherjar Infantry swarmed the breaches and entered the civilian zones of the city unexpected, all while artillery placed in the distance continued to rain fire. Martens was there deployed with his elite Wiking division and as usual was accompanied by Joseph and Mirificus, veterans from all the wars he had fought, called "The Fire Brigade" or by their enemies "The Death Squad", the three top tank aces since the early wars before Martens was even a Kaiser. The tank group roamed through the area doing what they did best: Crush all resistance relentlessly. At a point, Martens stops to overview the situation and looks nearby to a Soldier in a mech going completely insane as he used his heavy cannons and Vulcan-style gun on anything that moved and wasn't Nordlandic, shouting out,

"You killed my friends! You killed my family! You killed my country! You will die! I am going to kill you all!" - And he'd go on and on, fueled only by his unlimited hatred towards those who had killed every person he had ever met in his life, a true enraged berserker. Martens coldly nodded with approval, moved back into his tank and carried on forwards, taking out some retreating individuals now and then. The city was on fire, and he folds his arms, awaiting what he knew would come. Calm in the middle of this all...he was then notified.

"Mein Kaiser. The enemy is attacking."

"Alright then. Let us go."

He activates the speakers built onto several tanks, and they begin to play the good old Panzerlied among many other classics. Joseph communicates from the other tank, "It seems we're outnumbered two to one."


No answer. They still all rolled forwards to the incoming, much stronger enemy force, ramming directly into it with their vehicles, fighting while they seemed to get fire from every conceiveable direction. The artillery fire soon stopped, as the local airforce did its job, but it would be too late, the fires that had been started would be too much to handle. He had already accomplished part of his mission, but he wanted more, and seeing only red, the Reichswehr goes on. Martens turned his head to see Joseph being shot up, eliminated, by an enemy heavy Antitank Gun, yet seems unphsed. A similar destiny awaits to Mirificus his other comrade, and he grins: "I am next. And indeed, his tank does explode, but not before he manages to jump out of it still wielding his Gungnir, his spear, moving within enemy infantry and even tanks nd started to chop them into pieces alike, moving much faster than any other human being seen so far, letting the battle itself take its course, soon resembling a middle-ages combat situation rather than modern war. And he stops, seeing a figure approaching over in the distance, walking quietly.


Yes...soon they charge towards each other, and so finally Slayer and Kaiser Martens meet in battle, Martens had expected a simple kill, but apparently, Slayer did have enhanced capabilities as well, and so his gungnir is unable to cut his sword - without resorting to firearms, they fight hand to hand, the two figures clad in black military clothing, their eyes always connected. They said you never know somebody well until you battle them, if so, Martens and Slayer must have gotten to know each other very, very well. Even a few other troops from both sides stopped for a moment to see them fight, before continuing, fist versus fist, skill and brute power crashing against what seemed an equal match. After seemingly an eternity, Martens finally manages a clear cut across Slayer's cheek, it would leave a scar, but in return the Kaiser feels a cutting sensation against one of his eyes, and then it fails to see anything else. But no pain, for adrenalin forbids it. They go on, in spite of all, and Martens manages to kick Slayer away and down some stairs, only to have a RPG round go towards him, he barely manages to block with a hand - which is instantly destroyed, Martens shouts out, "LOKI!" in Slayer's direction as he would fall back.

"The Kaiser is down! Get him!" Was similar to what was said by the Wehrmacht as they saw Slayer in the ground, cut, and seeming to have broken his bones in various places. Martens growled and tried to stand up, but he was dragged away by his own Einherjar. "No! I almost have him! Let me finish him now!" Slayer still had both eyes open and balled his fist as the chance seemed to get away. Noone escaped, and the Nordlanders fought until they could move no more.

The Kaiser passes out...and...as he is carried, he sees the sky above and soon the same Valkyrie as before leans in to speak to him, caressing his forehead reassuringly. "Well done. Lord Odin is pleased. We will be looking forwards to your next operation..."

"Wait, what? I died. You are supposed to take me to Valhalla with my people!"

She smiles and shakes her head. "You were already dead by the time I chose you. Thusly, if you ceased to be animated, Lady Hel would have your soul. You must remain in Midgard...as our Einherjar...each of the Aesir have contributed to make this..." And he is made to drink a vial, too weak to refuse.

He wakes up in a cave. "Faen...where..." For a moment fearing having been captured until he sees just one young man sitting by an improvised fire. Martens' wounds were stopped and bandaged, his left hand and right eye were missing, like a cruel mix of Odin and Tyr. "You..."

The person stood up and moved closer. But it did not seem to be a Nordlander... "One of them!" Martens growls and reaches down for a concealed dagger behind his belt, but startled the young man moves back.

"I am not one of them! I'm from the Slaytanic Wehrmacht, but I don't agree! I saved you! We're safe here!" The crippled emperor rested back down, still eyeing him suspiciously.

"...Why didn't you turn me in..."

"I do not think we should kill people for thinking differently. And if you had been captured you'd have become a living museum exhibit. You got Slayer alright. There will be scars, but he is okay. The firefighters are still dealing with the huge fire you caused. You know, we hadn't been attacked like this so far...and...yes...your people were..."

Martens interrupts: "I know." And sits up against the rock behind, squirming uncomfortably..

The young one says... "So...what now?"

Martens shakes his head. "It is all lost. They have entered Berlin. Some people were able to flee. We sabotaged it, so they can't plant a flag of victory on it, Deutschland and Berlin are rubble, I stole their prize from them..." He grins bitterly. "I was supposed to have died back there. Tell me, what is your name?"

The man smiles and says, "I am Michael Heimdall." And this, makes the Kaiser laugh. "Are you gonna say ya got a Gjallarhorn now? Hah! Come on. Wodverdammt, HAH!" Martens weakly stands up.

"Seriously. That is my name. Look. Leave here. Before they get you. I know you can live forever. I know someday you'll get a chance to fight for your people again, if not here elsewhere." Martens stopped laughing. How could he know this? He examines the young one critically. But decides it is better not to know...and he simply nods.

"...It was a good fight. Let it always be said and known that we Nordlanders fought until the last drop of blood." Michael then nods and chimes in, "That is already on the streets...just nead further North to safety, the Fjäll will provide safety."

"Ja...I do not know...if to curse you or thank you, Kid...but..." Martens takes out an ancient insignia from his uniform, looking at it one last time before moving forth and placing it onto Michael's uniform himself.

"This. This was the first of the first. Before there was Nordreich or Nordland, before Volksleitung, was this ribbon. The German Ribbon. Nobody remembers it but me anymore...but it was always there. You will wear it with pride...

Michael nods and salutes. "Yessir."

And so, Martens walked out of the cave and headed north into the natural bunker of the mountains. It is said that he will return for Ragnarök, and that he lives among wolves. As a legend, it is said that hitchhikers who get lost receive assistance by Martens' wolves, but even later attempts to track him would find nothing. Someday, the Asgaardians would be seen again. But would the Nordlanders endure the test of time, the few survivors? Not even the Norns knew this yet. What was truthful is that in Berlin's ground no living thing ever would set foot again, Plants would not thrive, Animals would not thrive, buildings would break quickly, electricity would fail, but there was no radioactivity. A cursed zone that would not accept any life. And some old men sometimes tell that some Einherjar are still waiting in the bunkers underground to come back sometime. And Slayer's scar remained, a small price to pay for the destruction of Berlin and Nordland altogether, for his undeniable victory.


Within the years, true history and true people would become simple myths, like the millions in the infinity of history. The Legend of Kaiser Martens, Nordreich and the Nordlanders.


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Martins and what little remained of his empire was on edge of oblivion, and somewhere in the world a man in paramilitary uniform of indeterminate rank watched Deutschland’s predicament with great satisfaction.

Generalissimo would never forget Martins’ great betrayal, the man who had slaughtered a remerging alliance 'for the hell of it' was finally receiving his due. Generalissimo could only hope the late Comrade Norris was out there somewhere watching.

Edited by Generalissimo
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A sad, terrible day. The Germanic Republic salutes the Reichskaiser, the glorious protector of the Germanic people, and bruder. We shall declare February 4th a day of mourning within our nation. The genocide of nordlanders has not been and will not be forgotten by those who once claimed to be of the fold.

Hail Martens

Hail Nordland/VL(VK)/PrF/NoR

OOC: Leaving, KM? :\ Sucks.

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