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Explosion in Outer Mongolia

Imperator Azenquor

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VNN News:

Ulan-Ude, Outer Mongolian Buryat Autonomous Region:

It appears that the peace accord signed between the Vaulian Central Government and the Outer Mongolian Provincial Authority is now teetering over a precipice. Tensions between Sygh-Varthys and Novaya Ulanbataar have once again reached an all time high.

Despite a peace agreement which permitted the province to use their own National Guard troops and which barred Sygh-Varthys from sending soldiers of the Vaulian military into the region without notifying the regional government in Novaya Ulanbataar, citizens of a small town outside Ulan-Ude reported seeing a military Mi 24 attack helicopter early this morning.

One eyewitness reported seeing the helicopter head south and attack a building just outside of town. Our news crew on the scene has confirmed that a large building has been destroyed; however it is not possible at this time to determine the cause of the destruction. There are also unconfirmed reports of 5 civilian casualties who were allegedly killed by falling rubble.

When we contacted the Office of the President, he denied that the Vaulian Military had carried out any attack in Outer Mongolia. President Rokossovsky has reiterated his dedication to the peace agreement and the stability of the region, while the Imperatrix has called the events ‘unfortunate, and deeply troubling’. Regional President Li has claimed that the alleged attack helicopter was reported to have headed towards East Faron province shortly after the incident took place. Regional President Li also expressed his concern that the action, if it was authorized by the government in Sygh-Varthys, would jeopardize the Peace Agreements.

VNN will continue to monitor the situation, and will post updates as soon as we receive them.

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VNN Update:

Hospital sources in Ulan-Ude have now confirmed that 10 people were killed at the site of the destroyed building, however the regional hospitals have not yet announced what caused the deaths. Despite numerous calls to the President of Vaule, his Office would only repeat what the President announced previously.

General Bartnev of the Vaule Army has announced that he is "100% sure that no Vaulian military or Imperial Guard unit set foot in Outer Mongolia, or entered the airspace over the region." General Bartnev also said in his statement that the allegations of an attack by a VAF Mi 24 were virtually impossible as the VAF had grounded the remainder of its Mi 24 fleet in preparation for the transition to Mi-28s. The General also suggested that there were no operational VAF Mi-24s within any province near Outer Mongolia at the time the incident reportedly occurred.

While Regional President Li has presented a petition to launch a government level investigation into the matter, neither the President nor the Parliament have shown any willingness to proceed with such a high level investigation. Police Investigators in Outer Mongolia, however, will continue their investigation into the incident and are scheduled to prepare a report shortly.

Further information will be announced as soon as we receive it.

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VNN Breaking News:

Ulan-Ude, Outer Mongolia:

While investigating the recent explosion outside Ulan-Ude, the VNN news team captured a second attack on camera. Our team managed to take photos of what appeared to be a Mi-24 attack helicopter bombing another building on the outskirts of the town.


-Picture of Mi-24

As our news team hurried to the scene we found, once again another destroyed building. We waited there until the local ambulance crew arrived on the scene. After clearing away some of the rubble, the medical teams found 4 people amongst the remains of the building.

Regional President Li has been given the VNN pictures and has called on the President of Vaule to explain why Outer Mongolia is under attack after the peace treaty was signed less than a year ago. President Li has also announced his intention to make a presentation regarding the incidents to the President’s Impeachment hearings in Sygh-Varthys. Regional President Li also suggested, in a press conference before he departed for Sygh-Varths, that:

“Should we find solid proof that the peace accord was deliberately violated by the Government of Vaule then the Outer Mongolian Provisional authority will have no reason to continue to uphold our end of the agreement.”

The new Khambo Llama broke his silence on the issue with a short statement:

“Should it be true that the agreement has been violated by either side, I do not approve of the use of any form of violence by any side. Perhaps there needs to be some form of neutral mediation by a third party. The key here is compromise. Both sides need to understand that they will not get everything that they desire from the negotiation process.”

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In his first speech regarding the buildup of forces near the province-border of Outer Mongolia, President Rokossovsky sought to outline the major aims of the operation, and to reassure citizens that the military will only act when necessary.

“As everyone now realizes it is not business as usual in the Outer Mongolian Buryat Autonomous Region. While we honored our side of the agreement, the Provincial Authority led by Regional President Li was either unable or unwilling to keep all of their side of the bargain.

As the central government has said repeatedly, the region will not be stable while there are two heavily armed militias in opposition to each other. We are also concerned that any conflict in the region could have a major impact on Vaule as a whole.

In the interest of stabilizing the region, I have dispatched the CSF to the border. As stated previously, I have given a window of opportunity for both the MVM and the MLA militias to completely disarm and join the political process.

For most citizens the reallocation act will have minimal impact on your daily lives. As for the forces on the border between Faron and Outer Mongolia, they will only launch pinpoint operations into Outer Mongolia to target the MVM and MLA militia once the deadline has past.

I know that most citizens living in the region wish to express their choices through the ballot rather than by the gun. As such, I will not permit those citizens to be held hostage by armed rebel groups.”

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The Empire monitors the situation with the upmost caution. We are very concerned to see such violence on our borders. We offer any assistance the Empire may provide to the Vaule forces.

Classified Transmission to Pacific Corps

The empire is equipping our pacific corps units for training in the Gobi Desert in continental warfare.

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Classified Transmission to Pacific Corps

The empire is equipping our pacific corps units for training in the Gobi Desert in continental warfare.


The Filipino contingent in the Pacific Corp will be ready to take part in the training exercises.

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Rostovi Corner, Cepotul Pruvonci, Crimea Iso

General Armstrong Lee Iron read the news about the explosion in the Crimea Iso Times;

Civil War in Vaule Again?

"Damn," he whispered to himself, "not again."

He looked and stared at the picture of the Mi-24. He immediately called his secretary and asked her to open up a com channel with the Vaulian government at once.

Begichev Military Installation, Crimea Iso Protectorate

4-Star General Samuel Pavlova, upon hearing the orders from General Iron, called Commanding Officer of the Begichev Military Installation General Viktor Yushchenko at his private residents.

"General Yushchenko, this is Sam."

"Yes, sir."

"Have you heard about what's happening in Outer Mongolia?"

"Yes, General, I have. I have the Crimea Iso Times in front of me now."

"I want you to ready your marines. The 1st and 2nd Begichev Infantry Forces, 1st Northern Amphibious Marines Division."

"And the air wing, sir?"

"Yes. Like the last civil war, your BMI will be our forward air base."

"I'll call Captain Pavicic and Air Commandant Yakov at once."

"Thank you."


Upon receiving the call, Air Commandant Yakov ordered the 1st Heavy Lift Command to immediately bring supplies to the BMI for a possible deployment.


Imperium (IoA) built C-1 Strategic Transports are flying 24/7 between the BMI and varies supply depots and airstrips.

Monostria uf Furiogn Effeors, Rostovi Corner, Cepotul Pruvonci, Crimea Iso

The com channels to Vaule were now opened and phones on speaker mode in the private conference room deep inside the Crimean Monostria uf Furiogn Effeors. Liedir uf thi Wer Tup Bress General Armstrong Lee Iron and Dorictur uf Furiogn Effeors Peter Valionis sat across the table, waiting for the phone to be answered at the Vaulian end.

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***SWoRD HQ- Sygh-Varthys***

The phone rings in Lady Vache's office, interrupting her meeting with President Rokossovsky.

"There is a General Armstrong Lee Iron, from Crimea Iso to speak with you"-Vache

"This is President Rokossovsky. How may I be of assistance, General?"-Rokossovsky


VNN News:



-Military photo showing VAF destruction of MLA tunnels

40 troops of the Vaule military backed by artillery and attack helicopters launched a combined ground-air assault north of Ulan-Ude. An intense bombardment of the area occurred for approximately half an hour as Vaulian troops attacked suspected MLA strongholds.

The military has confirmed that 13 suspected MLA fighters were killed in the attack. Hospital sources in Ulan-Ude have reported 4 civilian casualties in the area, believed to be linked to the offensive however the Vaule military has so far refused to comment. In the assault, an abandoned warehouse and a network of tunnels used by the MLA were destroyed.

An MLA message sent by tape to VNN studios confirms the loss of 13 fighters:


-MLA Flag

“Once again the government of Vaule seeks to forcibly extend their control to the Outer Mongolian Region. We may have lost the battle in Ulan Ude, however rest assured that we will respond. Until Outer Mongolia is free, there will be no peace. We shall avenge our thirteen comrades”

In line with the President’s pledge, the troops that led the offensive withdrew by helicopter to an undisclosed location outside of Outer Mongolia after the offensive was completed. The attack ended as quickly as it began, with forces completely withdrawn before sunrise. General Bartnev of the Vaulian Army released a short statement to VNN:

“Most military operations to be staged in the Outer Mongolian Region shall be similar to the operation conducted last night: A quick, surgical strike on MLA stockpiles and positions. We do not intend to have our troops in the region for a prolonged period, as with the last conflict, however we will not hesitate to attack both MLA and MVM infrastructure.”

As if to back up the General's statement, a squadron of MiG 29Vs, and additional Mi-24s and 2 Mi-28Ds arrived at the South Faron Military base near the border. The military has not confirmed any of these deployments, however sources near the base have reported a marked increase in activity.

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Monostria uf Furiogn Effeors, Rostovi Corner, Cepotul Pruvonci, Crimea Iso

The phone was finally picked-up and answered: "This is President Rokossovsky. How may I be of assistance, General?"

General Iron then proceeded to speak, "This is General Armstrong Iron, Commander-and-Chief of the Crimea Armed Forces. I am here with Director of Foreign Affairs Peter Valionis-"

He was interuppted by a brief, muffled, "Hi," coming out of Valionis' mouth.

After 5 seconds of awkward silence, Iron continued, "I was reading an article about possible Vaulian military activity in Outer Mongolia. I have readied about 7,500 troops for immediate deployment in Vaule if needed. I was just wondering about the current situation in your country."

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President Rokossovsky replied: “We thank Crimea Iso for their concern, however we have the situation entirely under control. As was stated in the previous press release, we have decided that we will not sit back and wait while the MLA and MVM rearm. Instead we will attack their infrastructure and their memberships in order to severely restrict their ability to wage any form of combat. At this point we feel it would not help to stabilize the situation, if another nation got involved.”


***Bukachacha, Outer Mongolian Buryat Autonomous Region***

9:37 am: VNN Breaking News: New Vaule Military attack

The Vaulian military has now confirmed that operations against the MVM have begun just north of Bukachacha, in Outer Mongolia. The Combined Security Force (CSF) airlifted 200 troops to the outskirts of the city last night in preparation for the offensive. At daybreak Vaule attack helicopters and the Vaule Air Force began precision bombing targets in the area. The bombings continued for several hours as the Operation continued into the morning.

MVM forces responded by firing short range missiles and mortar attacks on nearby Regional Government bases in Outer Mongolia. The Vaule Air Force also bombed targets inside the city of Bukachacha, for the first time since the war began. The MVM has reported 12 casualties, and regional hospitals report 3 civilians killed and 4 injured. The Vaulian Military has declined to confirm the reports of civilian casualties.


-Bukachacha building bombed by VAF


-VAF Mi24 leaving the South Faron Air Base


-Wheat field burning on the outskirts of the regional capital Novaya Ulanbataar

Vaule Mi-24s have also carried out attacks south-east of Novaya Ulanbataar, as the CSF expands the offensive. At this time, it appears that the Vaulian military has no intention of deploying a larger force to the area, or to station units inside the region.

As the offensive continues, the popularity of the Regional Government in Novaya Ulanbataar is steadily declining. Political analysts have suggested that silence by Regional President Li, as well as his failure to stop the offensive will make it extremely unlikely that he will be able to survive a regional election. Military analysts have applauded the President’s strategy in the region and have urged him to increase the frequency of attacks on MVM and MLA infrastructure in the coming days.

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Monostria uf Furiogn Effeors, Rostovi Corner, Cepotul Pruvonci, Crimea Iso

General Iron heard the words he did not want to hear; "At this point we feel it would not help to stabilize the situation, if another nation got involved."

Of course, keeping his composure, he politely replied, "Very well. Please keep us updated whenever possible."

The com link was then shutdown. General Iron and Peter Valionis left the conference room.

"God damn it," said General Iron, "How can we flex our military muscles if there is no one to fight?"

"Maybe we should just build up our military, sir. I hate to say it," Valionis said, "But quite frankly, our military is not exactly up to par with our neighbors. Even Tyranar's military could, quite possibly, beat our own."

"How dare you say that. They only have the M1A2s we gave them. We have PT-91s as well as Imperium M-1s."

"I guess your right."

"No wash your mouth out with soap."

"Perhaps, General, we could project our power over our own islands. Our Northern Territories are slipping farther and farther from Rostovi Corner."


Monostria uf Difinsi, Rostovi Corner, Cepotul Pruvonci, Crimea Iso

Publicly, Rostovi Corner has announced that the military build-up for a possible deployment to Outer Mongolia has ended. However, another build is rapidly taking place for a deployment a little farther north...

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