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About the League of United Defense

The League of United Defense holds the title of being one of friendliest alliances in all of Planet Bob. In LOUD, we treasure unity, wub, and loyalty above all other. We are not the most influential alliance, neither are we from the top stat wise, but we offer all the benefits the top alliances offer and more. All in all, we are just a group of people who seek nothing more than the reason we play this game, to have fun. Stat wise, we are like any other alliance, but if you do join, you will find that we are not an alliance, we are a family.

What LOUD can offer you

What LOUD can offer your nation

Financial Aid : Our organized programs make sure every nation in LOUD gets their fair share of aid, much more than most other alliances do.

Tech Deals : Our Internal Affairs are always making new tech deals so you will be placed in a tech deal as soon as you request it, whether you want to sell, to make some extra cash, or you want to buy to raise your income.

Trade Circles : Here at LOUD we show you all the trade circles, and their benefits, then give you the choice of which trade circle you want in on. Of course you will find help in choosing your trade circle if needed.

Guides : We have guides for everything in the game. In 15 minutes you will know everything about the game, and understand all the tricks of the game. We also have a lot of experienced members who are always happy to help in anyway possible.

What LOUD can offer you

Now, helping your nation is very easy. Almost any alliance can help you quickly understand the game and establish your nation, but only at LOUD will you always find great friends to chat with, and to spam with. This is something we pride here at LOUD. After all, you are only playing this game to have fun, and that is where we have our edge. You will find no alliance that can party like LOUD, I would think the name says it all.

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The Brigade-ODP


The Ascendancy

Prime-Minister: TheChosenOne

Grand Vizier: Draeg

High Chancellor: HeRo1

Imperial Commissar: Stagger Lee

The Ministry

Grand Emissary: Alcoholic

High Commissioner: Spazquarx

High Quaestor: Azamien

Imperial Regent: -----

Here is a Link to the LOUD Forums, Simply register and fill out a application.


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You could never find a more LOUD alliance, We are a very tight knit group. All our members get along, and all our members play a big role in this alliance.

P.S.Please dont use the word 'bumb' to bump this Alcohol. A good way to bump would be to talk about LOUD, for a sentence or 2 at a time.

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We are looking for members that want to feel a part of a great community without getting lost in the shuffle.

We have many aid programs to help you grow! Start up aid is availble!

We WILL help you get the trades you want. The BLACK team is ranked second in the number of nations, so there is alot of oppertunity to maintain great trades!

We have great treaties with bigger alliances. You will have the benfits of protection and trades, and the comfort of a smaller alliance where everyone will know your name!

We want to work for YOU! We want YOU to grow in size and power! Our requirements are minimal, and our potential is unmessured!

Stop by our forums and say hello, and/or drop in our IRC channel and chat a while. (#LOUD on coldfront)

"Loud, I wanna hear it loud, I dont want to compromise"

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:wub: Demag


Seriously you will be hard pressed to find an alliance thats wants to help you more then the League of United Defense. We are recruiting the best and brightest that CN has to offer! Come join us today!


You wanted the best, you got the best! The hottest band in the world....... LOUD!

'Cause I love it......

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This thread needs some serious LOUD love!


There is an amazing group of people and leaders that belong to LOUD. If your looking for a home in CN where you can grow and prosper, why not take a look at LOUD??


Scroll up to look at everything LOUD has to offer and then ask your self.... "when was the last time I was as LOUD as I wana be?"


**I take no credit for these pictures as other LOUD members created them **

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LOUD has had some changes in goverment that hasnt been updated here

The Ascendancy




The Ministry

Commissioner: ------

Emissary: ------

Regent: ------

Vizier: The Chosen One

LOUD proudly fought with its allies (R&R and others) in the Karma war http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=55233 . Approxmiately 15 days later peace was offered jointly to several of The Hegemony allied forces http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=56109 which, for the most part, ended LOUD's direct involvment in the Karma war.

Stop by and say hello !!

On our IRC channel at #loud on coldfront IRC


LOUD Forums

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