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T.N.E. Dyn-o-mite!!


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The Nothern Empire would like to invite every leader to the winter siberian ball.

There will be cake

, cookies, and baked potatoes.

The purpose of this dance is for leaders to enjoy themselves as well as talk with any of the T.N.E. officials to answer any questions you have about The Northern Empire..

OOC: Inactivity was meh.

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We wish to know, what kind of cookies?
Yes, what kind of cookies?

And also, if Jutopia Land does go, can we bring the 'i can't believe its not butter' spray for the baked potatoes?

Sure, but we agree to disagree that its actually butter

The cookies dont turn out really well unless you have PAM non-stick spray, Bohovia would be happy to attend and bring the PAM. May I also ask what kind of cookie?
The YDR will be attending

(OOC: Mmmmm Choco Chip)

They are Choco Choco Chip.

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President Daniel Jackson will attend.

OOC: Yes, I finally had him duly appointed. I never got around to RP'ing his eyesight getting repaired.

Lovely. We await your arrival

Emporer Chris will be on the next plane to The Northern Empire to attend the ball.

We are glad you are attending.

Megan Fox shall attend

Ah, my love, I shall wait patiently.

President Tony Brown will attend the ball.

Good to hear that the President will be attending.

Security shall be tight so that all people attending may stay safe.

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Unable to attended Winter Siberian Ball in person, Generalissimo (Generalissimo of Procinctia) will be telecommuting via a laptop.

Generalissimo advises any cake, cookies, and baked potatoes allocated to his person be airdropped to the ruins of Saint Paul City, Saint Paul Island.

This is fine. The shipments will be packed and are well on thier way. Hopefully the few potatoes wont go bad by the time they arrive.

The Chairman sends his regards.. as is well known, he is to ill to attend. A fruit basket from the Dragon Empire has been sent for consumption at the party.

The fruit basket will be well recieved. Sorry to hear that your presense will not be hear with it.

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The Colstream Presidential Aircraft, a Airbus A380, began to land at Korynitaa Airport with President Tony Brown on board. He knew that he could build good diplomatic relations with many leaders while he was at the ball. As the Airbus taxied off the runway, President Brown wondered what reception he would get when he dise,barked.

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President Jackson was practically forced to get on the plane by his aides, who were saying things like "Take some time to relax," "An event like this will be good for you," or "The re-construction efforts won't fall apart if you're away for a couple days."

Now, several hours later, his plane was touching down at Korynitaa Airport, and he woke from his doze with a start. Perhaps coming here had been a good idea after all, if he'd fallen asleep without noticing en route. With his marine training, that wasn't supposed to happen.

A little more refreshed, he stepped off onto the tarmac (after his bodyguards had done the a cursory check) where he was escorted to a limo there specifically for him. Again, on the way there, he dozed, this time intentionally, waking only when they arrived at the ball. As the two guards got out, he thanked the driver, then got out himself...

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OOC: Consider everyone there, and anyone who still wishes to join to be particpating now.

IC: The Phydidon Ballroom is just a few blocks from Fort Klintonn in Hooville's financial district. Built in 1986 as the grand ballroom of the elegant Korynitaa Hotel, it showcases a majestic high gold leaf ceiling, a 725 square foot stage with curtains and spotlights, and a a 700 square foot dance floor, perhaps the largest in The Northern Empire. This is truly Forever Battlefield's most elegant and unique location for special events.Although the Korynitaa no longer operates as a hotel, the impressive Phydidon Ballroom is still going strong. It was renovated in 2007 to its original historic elegance. This landmark space is one of the few locations in the Eastern Russia that can seat 500 for dinner. Original Thollvyn (The Northern Empires' greatest modern architect/designer) chandeliers hang from the soaring ceiling. Burgundy draperies and carpet, gold detailing above the doors and mirrors and a disco ball with strobe lighting as well as a giant spotlight complete the festive decor. The Phydidon Ballroom's impressive stage will be used to seat the several foreign leaders to serpate them from The Northern Empire's several hundred rich and powerful (as well as the several military). The stage will also be the showcase of the night's entertainment.

After a short introduction by Emperor Mykep of each foreign leader to the citizens of The Northern Empire, he shook thier hand and made the announcement that the night's revenue would be gathered and be used in the current relief funds to help with Northern Yuktobania's latest Earthquake. After Mykep sat down with his fellow guests, the band started playing.

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The Emporer got out of his car, and he was awed by the building. He walked inside and was still in a state of awe as he walked up for the greeting. After the greeting, Emporer Chris looked around at the foreign dignatories and thought to himself "And these people are?" finding himself a spot at the table he took a seat and started getting into the music.

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