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Nation sitting;


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I'm going to be going into rehab for 35 days, in that time period I will not have accsess to a computer;

Now I know there was a topic for nation sitting somewhere; but I can't find it; perhaps it should be added to Frequently asked questions, as that's were I looked for it, and I figure most would look for it as well.

Anyway, the person I would like to sit my nation is in my alliance, and has' aided me; and does intend to aid me again, I'm curious as to if that will affect the nation being sat or something.

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Nevermind... Found it...


Note that you will never be allowed to aid, trade, or war with/along side of the nation you sit again. Any outstanding trades or foreign aid will be canceled and marked as cheating as soon as the sitter logs on to the sat nation.

well thats really kife...

That means its quite pointless to ask someone in your alliance, because if a war breaks out; to aid or fight with them will result in deleted nations...

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