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Is this TE or not

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Ok im on PINK TEAM and dont wanna vote for anyone and was starting to get bored with TE then i get a PM

Subject: Senate Seat

Message: I would like to ask for your vote in pink team senate. I am a long term member of cybernations and a voice you can count on in senate to help you, all you have to do is ask. so please vote me for pink team senate!


I think no i wanna Raid so to raiding i go

War Dec ="no Senate Just Raid" 2/2/2009 3:16:02 AM

In the mean time an associate of mine wants a raid as well so he jumps in on the same target

His Reply to my Dec and to GAs

Subject: Not Cool

Message: Lobbying your Alliance? Are you blind? I sent 3 messages to my trade parteners on pink team asking them to vote me in senate. I hardly call this lobbying. It was not just duckroll, it was my trade parteners. This is a disproportionate and uncalled for attack on a nation of this alliance and you can expect to see retaliation. I hope you realize what you have done here and get your facts straight before you decide to roll a nation.

My Reply

Subject: RE: Not Cool

Message: You want peace after you raid others... It hurts doesn't it when someone does it to you in return... You can have peace on the condition you do not raid for a week

His Leaders response to me

Subject: please peace out rodentia

Message: We will respond in force if you do not. I have asked several volunteers to hold off until i get the chance to chat with you.

To that i say go jump you raid others and if you cant handle having it returned in TE dont PLAY

also what is it with all these poxy treaties on TE i thought it was a war game not love making

names and screenshots will be available if needed

EDIT: also you can stop looking for Duckroll leaders to whinge

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feel free to raid: remember it is a risk. I asked nicely for peace before anyone attacked you.

Declaring a raid is fine, but demanding someone not raid is out of line(terms for asking for a vote?).

That's alright... I am not upset, you got the standard form letter we send out to raiders... please peace out.. blah blah blah...

senate votes? as a war reason?? just a request for votes?? huh??

meh, whatever, you raid, you risk retaliation. It's an old story. Every raider should know that.

BTW: i think that member is the only pink nation in my alliance... hmmmm where to get senate votes.. hmmmm


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Treaties ensure the survival of those that aren't lucky enough to be brought in under the protection of a huge alliance. This to me seems to have been a raid as your reason was, 2/2/2009 3:16:02 AM "no Senate Just Raid", you saw the MDOAP's listed in my bio, you saw i was in an alliance, if they retaliate in my defense it is your fault for raiding me. As for my own actions and raids they are on unaligned or one nation alliances, as for them they know the risk of staying that way, which is usually raids. If they did not want a constant state of war the either a) would not have joined TE or B) joined up with an alliance. That is all there is to it.

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In all honesty; the members of Rodentia Dominatus are fully aware of the risks of raiding and are expected to use their heads. They understand that if they raid, and bite off more than they can chew...it is their own fault. Normally we allow things to progress as they will in those situations; though may request a stand-down of those involved with no threat, implied or otherwise.

Now, conversely, when a member is raided. That member can expect assistance as soon as it is available. Most times after a message is sent out to the raider to peace out. No peace out? We roll; and we usually roll hard. It was not long ago that we just rolled...no message sent.

Next time don't raid an alliance of 15. As for attacking as a response for a Senate vote request? Ummmm ... LOL seems to fit.

Looks like you brought in some friends. You may wish to rethink that. Or, not. :D

It is nearly the end of the round afterall :)

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