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Trade Circle: 4BR

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My proposal is to initiate a much needed trade circle that would include the following resources:

pigs - (Pax ME)

aluminum - (Pax ME)

marble - (Imperator Tobias)

rubber - (Imperator Tobias)

lumber - None - (cookie monster)

water - None (cookie monster)

cattle - None (chocolate cookies)

uranium - None - (chocolate cookies)

iron - None

spices - None

sugar - None

wheat - None

Lime = Filled Slot

Red = Empty

Orange = Unlinked

Yellow = Resource in Question


Nation Name:

Ruler Name:




Nation Link:


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Nation Name: I'll PM it if you want me.

Ruler Name: See above


1) Cattle

2) Uranium

Nation Link: See Nation Name

Color: Black

suggestable, i'll send you a PM, i'll go ahead and give the other nations a heads up on your arrival as well.

thanks much. you fit almost perfectly. (only 4 more resources left, i think)

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I can join this if u change fish for wheat ! Please pm me in game!

Nation Name: ryskermanz

Ruler Name: Ryskerland


1) Suger

2) Fish

Nation Link: http://tournament.cybernations.net/nation_...tion_ID=1000244

Color: Purple, but i'll change to the color u want me to !

EDIT: Sry... forgot that this was a 8br trade circle!

Edited by ryskmania
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