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They desire a supreme ruler who is in charge of all national matters.i have seen many times people in this game in my nation to want their own gorvement like this .Your people approve of this form of government but the majority of your people would prefer something else.when they will agree and like the goverment and when they will prefer something else .how you can make them to like the goverment because i want to like the goverment

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Right now, your people want a 'Dictatorship' Government...

Every now and then when you collect taxes and pay bills, your people will decide they want a new government or religion.

On the links on the left hand menu, you can go to Edit My Nation, and adjust your government to Dictatorship if you wish.

Giving your people the government they want will increase your population happiness by 1.

However, having the government your people prefer is not always what is best for your nation.

The effects the various types of Government have on your nation can be found here:


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