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The Minutemen


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The Minutemen Are Here, be calm and rejoice!


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Minutemen forums

We are a diverse group that has decided to give CN a try. We normally inhabit other realms, NOT TO BE MENTIONED, and have chosen to seek out fame and fortune upon Planet Bob.


We the men and women of Minutemen resolve and swear to the following:

A) Activity equals strength and strength equals community. To foster a strong community the Minutemen will be active on our forums on a weekly basis.

B ) All Minutemen are fighting nations. Everyone has a post in times of war and in times of peace. The responsibility for knowing what your post is and what that post entails is the responsibility of the individual.

C) The Minutemen Leadership is an elected Captain. This elected official serves a term of 3 months. His duties are to select and appoint all the needed positions for the Minutemen as the situation dictates. The Captain can be removed from office by a 2/3rds vote of the alliance and likewise his decisions can be overturned with a 2/3rds vote.

D) No Minuteman shall raid for tech.

E) No Minuteman shall spy on other alliances.

F) All areas not covered in this document are left for the Captain of the Minutemen to resolve with his infinite wisdom (or lack of depending on who you ask).

G) All officials appointed by the Captain of the Minutemen will serve until otherwise notified by the voting population or the Captain.

H) Any Minuteman found to be in violation of the Charter or Regulations as laid forth by the Captain will be addressed in a private session after a thorough investigation is made. Foreign governments, who have an issue with a Minuteman, will be apprised and kept up to date as the investigation unfolds.

We hope to be seeing more of you all over on the CN Black Market. We are currently nosing around for a protectorate, but due to IRC issues we've had some trouble contacting the right people.

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This is just too awesome to be true. The flag is perfect, I've always wished some alliance would use it!

OOC - The American Revolution is my favorite event in history, so yeah this makes me happy to see someone honor it.

Failure is not an option.

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I swear I've seen that minuteman before... ;)

Best of luck to you.

I've seen it too. I'm sure it doesn't mean what you imply.

Veteran of GW3

Veteran of No Vision vs. One Vision

Veteran of Hyperion Vs. GGA

I don't see an indicator here, besides GW3. However, that was a victory for those with the minuteman.

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