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Athens Announcement

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The Charter of Athens

Article I

Our Vision

A. Mission Statement

We, the free people of Athens, hereby proclaim our steadfast commitment to be true to one another and to our friends. We hereby unite in common purpose with common goals - to prosper, to grow, and to preserve our most deeply held values, no matter the cost.

Article II

The Sovereign and Regent

A. The Archon eponymos

The Archon eponymos is the sovereign ruler of the city-state of Athens, and as such has ultimate and binding authority over all governmental decisions made under her auspices. He is the ultimate and final executive, legislative, and judicial authority. He may create and destroy governmental positions, admit and expel members, and appoint individuals to government positions and strip them of power. The Archon eponymos serves for life or until resignation, at which point the Archon basileus ascends to the throne.

B. The Archon basileus

The Archon basileus is the first in the line of succession to the throne of Athens and thus serves as the Regent of Athens. His primary responsibility is to assist the Archon eponymos in high-level decisionmaking and foreign affairs. If the Archon eponymos resigns, the Archon basileus ascends to the throne, and is then responsible for appointing a new Archon basileus from among the people of Athens. Like the Archon eponymos, the Archon basileus has the power to admit new members.

Article III

The Boulai

The will of the Sovereign and the running of day to day affairs of Athens is carried out by the Boulai.

α - Polemarch - The Polemarch is tasked with the leadership and organization of the Athenian military. He is responsible for ensuring readiness and preparation of the Athenian military during peace and for assuming overall command of the Athenian war effort during wartime.

β - Theorodokos - The Theorodokos is tasked with maintaining healthy day to day foreign relations with other states. The Theorodokos’ responsibilities include negotiating reparations, organizing embassies, and appointing Theoroi. The Theorodokos's assent is also required in order for any treaty to be signed, although he cannot sign them without the approval of a weighted majority of the government. The Theorodokos may train a Demitheorodokos to assist him in carrying out some of his responsibilities.

γ - Agoranomoi - The Agoranomoi are responsible for maintaining the trade and finance of Athens, being focused on the creation of trade circles and banking. The Agoranomoi may train Demiagoranomoi to assist them in this labor.

δ - Dikast - The Dikast is in charge of the internal affairs of Athens. He is tasked with managing member issues, answering questions about Athens and its policies and keeping an accurate list of the alliance members. The Dikast may train a Demidikast to assist him.

ε - Didact - The Didact is Athens’s chief educator, and as such is responsible for managing the Athenian academy, authoring and compiling guides, and ensuring that all Athenians possess a high level of knowledge in all areas.

ζ - Hierophant - The Hierophant is responsible for guiding, planning and ensuring the continued growth of Athens by spearheading and managing Athens' recruitment efforts.

η - Choregos - The Choregos has the responsibility of spearheading and managing the media and propaganda efforts of Athens, both during peace and wartime.

Article IV - Membership

Members of Athens must recognize that membership is a privilege, not a right. All members are expected to conduct themselves with dignity when communicating with any members of another alliance. All members are expected to be loyal, especially during times of war. Nations surrendering without military approval or deserting during times of war are guilty of treason and may be subject to further action. Members who wish to leave during peace time and remain in good standing with Athens will be required to inform the alliance of their decision prior to leaving.

Article V - Membership Rights

Athenian citizens possess an absolute and total right to free speech. However, utmost discretion must be exercised in what we choose to say or do, especially when speaking in public fora or to members of other alliances. Gross disregard for this basic principle of civility may be met with any action deemed necessary by the government. Athens will protect its members by any means necessary, from both external and internal threats.

Article VI - Becoming a Citizen

To be considered: 1. Applicants cannot be involved in any wars. 2. Applicants cannot be a member or an applicant of another alliance. 3. Applicants cannot be an enemy of any other alliance. 4. Applicants must read the Charter and agree to abide by its rules.

Article VII – Raiding Rules

Athens permits and approves of the practice of tech/land/money raiding within a reasonable framework of rules. Unaligned targets may be raided by any member of Athens. Raid targets with any alliance affiliation must be approved directly by the Archon eponymos, Archon basileus, or Polemarch. While team raids (2 or more Athens members attacking the same target) are permitted on the unaligned, this practice is strictly forbidden for aligned targets. Raiding aligned targets of below 10,000 NS is forbidden, as is raiding aligned targets in an alliance affiliation which has greater than 10 members, or a protectorate, or is an "alliance applicant" affiliation. Cruise missiles, airstrikes, nuclear attacks, and naval attacks are NOT to be used unless your target uses them first. Peace offers are to be sent immediately following two ground attacks. If a nation has not become active by the update, it is acceptable to make two more attacks, providing that a new peace offer is sent thereafter. Nations which nuke you while you are raiding them are not considered rogue, and will not be pursued beyond the duration of the war or made targets for sanctions because of their choice to nuke. Any violation of these rules will be dealt with as seen fit by the government.

Article VIII – On Nuclear Weapons

Athens believes that the possession of nuclear weapons is vital to the defense and existence of the alliance. All member nations are highly encouraged to acquire nuclear weapons as soon as their economies are capable of supporting them. Direct authorization from the Archon eponymos is required to authorize their first-strike use. No authorization is required to use nuclear weapons on a target that has attacked you with them.

Article X - Spies

Spying of any kind is an act of war. “Out of character” spying is expressly forbidden by this document. “In character” spying is seen as equivalent to a more open attack in game, and as such may only be authorized by the government

Article XI - Amendments to the Charter

Amendments to this document may be made only by the a referendum of the citizens of Athens. All citizens will be messaged once in game and have one week's time to cast their vote. After this time period elapses, if greater than two thirds of the voting citizens have voted in favor of this change, it will alter the charter accordingly, provided that the Archon eponymos gives his consent to said alteration.

The Athenian Government


Archon eponymos: Londo Mollari


Archon basileus: rsoxbronco1


Polemarch (Defense): The Corrupt Teacher

Theorodokos (Foreign Affairs): Jgoods45

Agoranomos (Finance): Nitemarebforcrismas

Agoranomos (Trades): Dragon

Dikast (Internal Affairs): an4rk

Didact (Education): Medtech

Hierophant (Recruitment):

Choregos (Media): Markoso


- Power for signing or vetoing new proposed treaties has been shifted from the position of Archon basileus (Regent) to Theorodokos (MoFA). We have formalized a weighted voting scheme to go along with this as well, as mentioned in the section on the Theorodokos

- The former role of Polemarch as overseer of Athenian finance and military has been eliminated. The title has been retained, and has replaced the position of Strategos (MoD). So the Polemarch position is now the equivalent of the former Strategos position, or to a Minister of Defense.

- Article VII (Raiding Rules) has been extensively updated and modified.

- Article XI (Amendment Process) has been changed so that the required percentage to pass a charter amendment is computed by total votes/total members who have voted within one week, rather than total votes/total alliance members.

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Good luck with the new charter

OOC: You my friend have the best Avatar and Sig of the forums.

IC: Athens, go die in a fire. You all suck, especially that londo guy. As soon as I get my way I am making Stumpy your viceroy.


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