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Omnscient Empire Military Intelligence

Shan Revan

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The following classified documents are a summary of the ongoing state of the Naboo Military.

The Grand Amry of Naboo

Please note: a Naboo Division contains 20,000 soldiers. Whilst ammounts vary on unit type, the overal average is 350 tanks for each division.

(heavy) Armoured divisions, 440 Tanks

Heavy Infantry, 350 Tanks

Mechanised Infantry, 260 Tanks

Recon forces, 175 Tanks

Infantry divisions, 90 Tanks

First Omniscient Army

I Marine Corps:

1st Marine Division

3rd Marine Armoured Division

5th Marine Heavy Inf. Division

24th Logistics Division

35th Engineers Division

II Marine Corps:

2nd Marine Division

4th Marine Armoured Division

6th Marine Heavy Inf. Division

25th Logistics Division

36th Engineers Division

III Airborne Corps:

13th Air Cavalry Division

37th Special Recon Division

29th Infantry Division

IV Airborne Corps:

14th Air Cavalry Division

38th Special Recon Division

30th Infantry Division

Second Omniscient Army:

7th Mech. Infantry Division

8th Mech. Infantry Division

15th Armoured Cavalry Division

16th Armoured Cavalry Division

39th Close Air Support

33rd Engineers Division

21st Logistics Division

31st Infantry Division

19th Heavy Armoured Division

11th Heavy Infantry Division

23rd Logistics Division

27th Mech. Infantry Division

Third Omniscient Army:

9th Mech. Infantry Division

10th Mech. Infantry Division

17th Armoured Cavalry Division

18th Armoured Cavalry Division

40th Close Air Support

34th Engineers Division

22nd Logistics Division

32nd Infantry Division

20th Heavy Armoured Division

12th Heavy Infantry Division

22nd Logistics Division

28th Mech. Infantry Division

Special Corps:

41st Mountain Division

26th Logistics Division

Grand Navy of Naboo

18 Corvettes

18 Landing Carriers

16 Battleships

14 Cruisers

14 Frigates

14 Destroyers

12 Nuclear Submarines

12 Aircraft Carriers

All vessels make use of advance stealth materials, a variety of railguns ranging from 30MJ to 120MJ, Kinetic Missles, conventional missiles and advanced sensors, among other things.

Current Deployments

4 Carrier Battle Groups in the Atlantic

4 Carrier Battle Groups in the Tasman Sea

4 Carrier Battle Groups throughout the Pacific

First Omniscient Army is deployed to Xinjiang and Morroco

Second Omniscinet Army is garrisoned in Omni Island

Third Omniscient Army is garrisoned in Morroco

OOC: more details will come as a make them :P

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