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Foreign aid requests

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Hey I got attacked for being a new member in the \M/ alliance without knowing they were fighting with The Legion, so I had 4 nations threatening me when I was innocent. I'm not exactly new but I want to replace the tech and infrastructure I lost after surrendering and I'm usually a peaceful nation so I won't spend it on my military. All aid possible sent to my nation is very much appreciated!

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I really need 3M for paying bills.

after the mega war between gold and NPO and CIS I lost over 1k infra. Currently I do not have the ability to collect enough tax to pay my bills.

If anyone can help me i won't forget to return a favor back to you later on in the game.

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I am requesting 10 million as my bills are very high and I need help I can offer repayments over a set time or I can give you some soldiers and tech

Not to be fussy but you have hardly any infra or improvements. You are in defcon 1 as you appear to be warring/extorting an unalligned and you are sex to the most financially damaging position on spying.

there is no way you can 10 million in the hole

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