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TriCom-Ravyns Treaty Upgrade


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On this date, February 1, 2009, the Trilateral Commission (henceforth referred to by TriCom) and Ravyns announce their friendship and mutual respect for one another through this document. Through this treaty, both TriCom and Ravyns hope to grow, learn, and prosper off one another peacefully.

I. Sovereignty

Both TriCom and Ravyns agree to respect one another's sovereignty. Neither shall try to impede on this sovereignty through espionage or couping their respective governments.

II. Defense

A. Military Help

Although not required, if it is deemed necessary by the respective government to help out the co-signer of this treaty in battle, said alliance may do so. It will not be a surprise to anyone if Ravyns steps in to help TriCom from attack, and if TriCom steps in to help Ravyns from attack.

B. Humanitarian Aid

In the event that a co-signer does not wish to come to the full defense of another, that co-signer may still send humanitarian aid to the co-signer in need. Humanitarian aid may consist of money for food, technology for shelter, and peace troops.

C. Intelligence

Neither TriCom, nor Ravyns condones espionage. That being said if one signatory receives evidence of a threat to the other signatory, that information will be passed along.

III. Aggression

A. Military

Should either signatory engage in a war of aggression, the other signatory is given the option, but is not obligated, to assist the aggressor. It will not be a surprise if TriCom assists the Ravyns in a war, or vice versa.

B. Aid.

In the event that a signatory does not wish to enter a full-scale war, they may still send foreign aid to the other, whether it be money, technology, or soldiers.

IV. Peace

Member of TriCom cannot attack members of Ravyns and vice-versa. Any rogue attack by either side will be dealt with diplomatically. Proper payment for damages will be made to the attacked party.

V. Financial Growth

Both parties are committed to the growth of one another. They will do anything possible to see that each other becomes big and strong. Both parties will participate in tech deals, organize trade circles, and even, if they want to, give away free money.

VI. Free-Passage

This clause is to signify the friendship between Ravyns and TriCom. Therefore member's of both TriCom and Ravyns are allowed to visit the opposites forums without the need for a visa. Member's are encouraged to spam one another's forums and IRC channels. Ravyns members are encouraged to visit mike's bar for free drinks.

V. Cancellation

Both parties may cancel this treaty at any time, as long as there is a 36 hour advanced warning and a sufficient reason. There can be immediate cancellation if clause I is broken, or if peace talks break down via clause III.

Signed for the Trilateral Commission

T-O-O-L, Chairman

Drakedeath, Chief Executive Officer

Arch3004, First Representative

Cooksonthegreat, Second Representative

mercs2foru, Chief of Staff

Badbrownies, Head of External Affairs

Metacomet, Head of Internal Affairs

Signed for The Ravyns

Sharduke, The Don

:wub: Ravyns

Edited by Drakedeath
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