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The Great Vaulian Revolution 1991

Imperator Azenquor

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The Great Vaulian Revolution


June 1991: Sygh-Varthys


-President-for-life Mikhail Khudorozkina

In the main square of the capital throngs of people moved slowly and uncertainly toward the Presidential Palace, watched closely by guards and secret police lurking among them. The throngs slowly merged into a single crowd as the Presidential palace came into view.

What was once a shining beacon of Vaulian Orthodoxy and Imperial might was now defaced with Communist logos and pictures of Mikhail Khudorozkina, the self-proclaimed “savior” of the people of Vaule. On the balcony facing the square was a large communist banner and podium for the President to speak to the masses.

As the clock tolled 7:00pm and the sun set behind the Imperial Cathedral, President Khudorozkina stepped onto the balcony and waved to the crowd as he prepared to deliver his speech. Once the applause died down, there were feint cries of “Long live President Khudorozkina” from party loyalists in the crowd, while others glared at them with utter disgust.

Sensing this as his cue, Khudorozkina began to speak:

“People of Vaule! We have arrived at the next stage of our great Socialist Revolution. Under my wise leadership the output from our communal farms has increased by nearly 73%. It is now time to move to phase two. No longer shall we be held to ransom by the bourgeois nations around us! Vaule will be truly self-sufficient. We shall be reliant upon them no longer! From this day forward, we will produce all the food we need here in Vaule. All agricultural products shall be produced here in Vaule. Let us set an example for the entire world here today!

Long live Vaule! Long live the Great Revolution!”

While some people cheered, one man could not contain his anger and began to shout:

“Down with the Government! Death to Khudorozkina!”

With ruthless mechanical precision, a nearby sniper shot the man with pinpoint accuracy. Despite the disturbance, Khudorozkina continued:

“We must free ourselves from the shackles of religion, and create a new dawn.”

Large floodlights illuminated the Imperial Cathedral in the distance, drawing the attention of the crowd.

“Look at the Cathedral. It is a symbol of this false religion.”

Two armed guards brought the Patriarch of the Vaule Orthodox Church Father Markov onto the balcony. The President continued.

“Look at the symbol of this false religion!”

Suddenly the entire Imperial Cathedral exploded in a massive fireball. As shocked gasps echoed throughout the square, the Cathedral collapsed into a massive pile of rubble.

President Khudorozkina laughed then shouted into the microphone:

“Religion, like this building, shall be made to collapse under the weight of our great revolution!”

Some members of the crowd began shouting anti-government slogans and throwing rocks at the secret police. The President looked at the scuffles breaking out in the square below and muttered (forgetting that the microphone was still on):

“Ungrateful cretins”

On the balcony, a deputy turned to the President and asked:

“What shall we do sir?”

The President replied:

“There is no room for those against the Revolution! Zahbyte laghatma! (Vaulian: Kill them all!)”

Seconds later the shouts in the square were drowned out by the sounds of machine gun fire. Father Markov said in a calm voice:

“Khudorozkina, you will answer to your crimes before God!”

The President replied:

“You first”

Then shot the Patriarch with his pistol.

As the chaos unfolded in the square below, television cameras captured the scenes in vivid detail. At the headquarters of VNN, the chief of the TV station decided to defy the government censors and continue to broadcast the events from the capital on like TV...

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IC: The President of Confucianism looked at the screen in horror. He had just seen the leader of his nation's religion shot before his very eyes. Tears began welling in his eyes. His Defense Minister stormed out of the room, ordering the Colonels and militamen to arms. Outside in the streets, screams could be heard echoing throughout all of Confucianism, and men yelling in anger. His people were angry. Very, very angry.

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OOC: Quick reminder, this all happened in 1991. I'm simply telling the story of how Vaule's democratic revolution started, how the Imperator was restored, and where the Royal family were at the time.

OOC: Hm, I'd guess Byzantium didnt exist, Jed was probably a college student, Aaron was somewhere unknown, and...yup. :awesome:

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OOC: Franzharia was 100% isolated in Mauritius in 1991 so we wouldn't have even remembered Vaule since 1991 would have put us at over 100 years isolated. Vaule probably didn't even exist last time Franzharia (or one of it's evolutionary predecessors) had been open before Ranather re-opened the country.

Plus the little matter of our migration from central Europe to Africa somewhere in there, lol.

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"WAAAAAH!!!" Erik yelled as he was brought into life. The white coated doctor to the side of him slapped his bottom as the video coverage of this news was on the television. Jon Betrakte stood, watching his son come to life as Witwe held him.

"Jeg vil navnet seg, Erik," Witwe said in Norwegian. Jon smiled and gave him a tickle.

OOC: :awesome:

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Amid the sounds of church bells, and wedding songs, Aureolus and Marta Fermi walked our of the small chapel that they could barely afford to be wed in. Aureolus flipped on the radio, and changed the station off of the politics channel, "Let's not get worried on out special day," He said lovingly, as the drove out into the setting sun.

OOC: Fermi would have been married in 1991, after meeting Marta in early 1989 :awesome:

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***An undisclosed location in North Arcannez***

A secret gathering was called among the small groups of Khudorozkina resistance leaders. Since Khudorozkina’s rise in the 1980s, these different factions had been competing to be the official resistance force. The numerous factions ended up fighting each other more than they fought Khudorozkina’s forces.

Once the fourth resistance leader entered the warehouse and took his seat, a man in a hood and cloak emerged from the shadows.

“Gentlemen, I have called you here to discuss a new plan to confront our mutual enemy. Your attempts so far have had minimal success, and your glaring lack of leadership has no doubt let many opportunities slip by. The cause we fight for is much greater than your own individual quest for power.”-????

One of the four men seated at the table rose:

“And who sir might you be to question our tactical skills”-Leader #1

The man in the cloak cracked a smile and replied:

“Are these the same tactical skills that led all four of the leaders of the main opposition to an abandoned warehouse? Do you realize, that if it was my wish to destroy you and end organized Vaulian resistance, I could have easily done so.”-???

The cloaked man began to pace around the room and continued his speech:

“If you are wondering why this plan will be different than the previous ones, the answer is simple. This time we act with the backing of a higher authority-???

Puzzled, one of the leaders asked:”God?”

“Not exactly. This time we will act with the blessing of the Imperial Family of Vaule.”

After the surprised gasps died down, the cloaked figure produced the Imperial Seal and placed it on the table. Three of the resistance leaders immediately announced their support of the proposed new movement, while the fourth remained silent.

“I take it that we are all in agreement then?”-????

The fourth leader jumped to his feet and drew a pistol he had hidden in his jacket. He quickly aimed the pistol at the cloaked man and replied:

“If I possessed the Imperial Seal, then there would be no doubt that I would be able to lead this resistance movement”-Leader #4

Unfazed by the pistol, the cloaked figure simply replied: “It would not be in your best interest to do that.”

As the man chuckled, the cloaked figure drew a sword and in two swift motions, hit the pistol from the man’s hand and placed the sword at his adversary’s neck. As those gathered held their breaths, waiting for what would happen next, the cloaked figure simply announced:

“When the time comes to begin, I will contact you. Until then, stay out of sight”

The cloaked figure threw his sword on the table and walked out of the room.

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***Sygh-Varthys, Vaule***

An aide hurries into President Khudorozkina’s office.

“Your Excellency, turn on the television sir”-Aide.

As soon as the President complies, he sees what could only be described as an unauthorized broadcast. On the screen, in front of a flag with the Communist Logo torn off, is a man in a hood and cloak. Too transfixed to move the President could only stare blankly at the screen as the cloaked figure began to speak.

“Good evening citizens of Vaule,

As we are all aware, this criminal government of ours has gone much too far. The President’s destruction of an ancient Cathedral that served as the center for Vaulian Orthodox Christianity, as well as his so called “Self-sufficiency” programs have been grave crimes against the Vaulian people. Government propaganda maintains that the self-sufficiency measures have resulted in massive increases in food production, yet more than half of the rural population lives on less than a meal per day, and others are simply starving to death.

We can no longer sit by and allow this madness to continue. Should President Khudorozkina not resign in 48 hours, then there will be grave consequences. We shall be ready to ensure that Vaule’s destiny lies in the hands of her people once more.

We are the Vaule Liberation Army!”

Vaule’s pre-communist era anthem began as a Resistance Flag (with the Communist Logo cut out) was hoisted up a flagpole.


-Resistance Flag (with communist logo torn out)

As the message ended, President Khudorozkina recovered from his earlier shock and ordered the aide to carry a statement to the State news agency:

“What you have just seen, is the act of a lone terrorist who wishes to undermine the path of the Great Revolution using lies and deceit. We will not permit this terrorist to act against the government or the party, as this would be an attack on the people of Vaule.

Effective immediately, any citizen of Vaule who displays this so-called ‘resistance banner’ or who defaces the honorable flag of the working class, shall be considered in league with this terrorist, and will be treated accordingly. Those who permitted this message of terror to be broadcasted shall be executed for treason.

Although some of these measures seem harsh, they are necessary as the revolution must continue unobstructed. In the course of the path to true socialism it is sometimes necessary to get one’s hands bloody.


His Excellency President Khudorozkina, Savior of Vaule, Great Guide of the Grand Vaulian Socialist Revolution, Great Comrade General, Order of Lenin, Order of Vaule, Order of Socialism”

As the aide hurried to deliver the message, President Khudorozkina ordered the secret police to increase their alert level.

***Arcannez province, Vaule***

The cloaked figure picked up a cellular phone and made a call to a nearby Take-out restaurant. As the phone was answered, the man simply replied:

“The duck has been plucked, light the deep-fryer”

…then he hung up the phone before the person on the other end could respond.

***Take-out restaurant***

“…The duck has been plucked, light the deep-fryer” *click*

A man in his mid 30s held the receiver. After hearing the message he dropped the phone, and ran into the back room of the restaurant. In the room three ‘waiters’ and a ‘waitress’ were playing cards on an old crate. As the man entered, they glanced toward him:

“It is time.”-Man

The waitress put down the cards and moved to the nearby kitchen counter. With a crowbar, she pried open a small compartment to reveal six disassembled AK-47s, 8 grenades, 5 radios, 4 bullet-proof vests and 10 packages labeled ‘C4’.

As the waiters assembled the weapons, the old man closed the restaurant.

The waitress, who now stood armed to the teeth with AK47 in hand walked towards the freezer and opened a hidden compartment....

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The Communist government of Nedland, headed by President-For-Life, Edward "Ned" Bartowski II, criticized this attack upon Vaule's government as counter-revolutionary.

"Vaule's government should crush all opposition and secure the ideals of Marx! Viva Communism!" - Edward Bartowski II.

Ned II's government has offered military support to Vaule's government.

OOC: As that happened in 1991, Nedland is no longer a Communist dictatorship as it was in the 90's. Just a disclaimer.

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All over the country special units were moving into action against the government. Various paramilitary units gathered their weaponry and surrounded nearby military bases. With lightning precision, the units staged simultaneous attacks on five military bases in Western Vaule. With the troops in the west caught by surprise and lack of preparation, they were soon forced to surrender to their numerically superior enemies.

The soldiers could only watch as the rebels looted their equipment. Everything from tanks, to missiles and attack helicopters were seized.

***Presidential Palace, 6:57 am***

A Presidential aide hurried into the Presidential Office.

“Your Excellency! Reports are coming in of attacks on three bases to the north-east. General Vladimir has reported that the rebels have taken two of the bases, and combat is ongoing at the third.”-Aide

President Khudorozkina jumped to his feet, and shook the aide violently:

“Who?! Who is responsible for this?”-Khudorozkina

“We don’t know sir. They have raised this flag at the two bases they captured”-Aide

As the aide held out a photograph, the President saw that it was indeed the Communist flag with the crest cut out.

“Crush this rebellion immediately!”-Khudorozkina

“How sir ?”-Aide

“Turn out the army, the secret police and the reserve forces! Order them to retake those bases by any means necessary. And as for the people… in each of the towns surrounding the three bases, execute 50 people as a symbol for what happens when you permit bourgeoisie elements to corrupt and attack society!”-Khudorozkina

The aide rushed from the President’s office to relay his orders to the troops.

***Outside Sygh-Varthys***

A group of ten armed rebels moved silently among the early morning traffic moving closer and closer to the Presidential palace.

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