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Is there a way someone can get their hands on the list or is it too confidential to pass out? I understand if we have to experience it ourselves since I noticed there are new events that have been added that I don't recall seeing before.

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as far as i know, CYBERNATIONS SKIPPED MY BIRTHDAY in my nation :( i had hit 364 and 365 and no event or happiness anywhere...

well i have added 3 extra events that just occurred in my nation...

''' Our nation's airport is becoming dilapidated and crowded. The developers have asked for a government sponsored renovation and expansion project.

*Option 2: Renovate the airport but do not expand the terminal. Citizen income +$1.00.

''' A group of citizens have petitioned for the renovation or rebuilding of a damaged section of old highway.

* Option 1: Build a new highway section and close down the old section. Land area -10%.

''' There has been a terrorist attack in the center of your capital city killing many citizens.

* Option 2: Increase security on all public buildings. Citizen income -$4.00.

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