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Announcement from the North Atlantic Defense Coalition

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Greetings Planet Bob,

It is an honor to introduce to you our new Secretary General, TankKiller. Effective from today, TankKiller has taken the position after our previous Secretary General, BoSox Nation, resigned from his position for personal reasons. We wish him good luck in his future endeavors. The Ministers of the NADC have offered our support and have ensured a quick transition.

TankKiller has offered his baking talent and has created a culinary marvel, in the order of the Cakessiah tradition, as the Head Baker for Planet Bob to enjoy. This celebration will be held at the International House of Pancakes and all are invited to attend. Free coffee, pancakes and waffles (Nadjia) will be served. It will be a BYOC (Bring your own cookies) event.


You may visit us at our temporary forums found: http://nadcalliance.ipbfree.com/index.php

We hope to have our permanent forums up very soon. Thank you for your attention - may you be filled with delicious cake on this special occasion.



Minister of Foreign Affairs


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What happened to your old forums?

Congrats to the new SenGen

The simplest way to put it is mechanical break down from who we host with with less than ideal technical support so we decided to fix things and put us in a better position for the future.

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