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I am looking for a newer alliance that has a stable government. Or I would like to join an alliance that need’s government positions filled. I have held every possible position on an alliance government, so I do have a lot of experience. If you’re an alliance that wants a professional touch, I might be willing to consider joining. Please tell me in a reply why you think I should join? Thanks and Good Luck.

-Reuben V

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United National States or UNS. We are a small alliance in need of some experience and gov positions to fill. We have 5 members and are looking to expand much further. If you join us you would help us grow and learn. We are looking for a foriegn Secretary and Recruitment Secretary and would feel proud and honoured to have you on board. Please consider it.


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So, The Yukon Confederacy is the new manifestation of what was once the company.

We have friends in the NpO, IRON, the GR, and are growing steadily.

You can expect aid, camaraderie, activity, and loyalty from our members. Why not come on over and check us out? We can set you up with trade circles and tech deals through our friends abroad if your interested.

-We're a proactive alliance, we have reinvented ourselves and our outlook, but what we need now are some experienced leaders.

As you can see here: http://s1.zetaboards.com/Yukon_Confederacy.../1165980/1/#new

We have positions available for experienced players as Press Secretary, Minister of Defense, and Minister of Internal Affairs.

Our Forums:


I'll be glad to answer any questions you may have.

Sincerely, Rooivaulk

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Alright.. I could do the whole fancy speech about "oo my alliance is soo great" I really think your going to get the same S$%T from everyone on here.. The Oceanic alliance Is based on Unity. We are looking for Ministers if you would like and have experience I will talk to you and see If your fit for the job. Our website is Here. Hop on our IRC channel at #oceanicalliance if you would like to talk to me first.


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You are more then welcome in Veni, Vidi, Vici and you might grow to a government position.

I have a lot of reservations to just offer you a government position as i do not know you at all and i do not know your past nations and your experience.

You are searching for a stable alliance, but offering a government position to someone before even talking is not really a sign of a stable government i think?


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We can sit and talk about what i can give you.....Money or Tech...............Or how about being the reason why CN's next best alliance is at the top! Join and you get the 3 highest government spot............true we only got 3 members now but with the help of a true CN player like you we could be #1!

please click flag to go to Allied Rebel Nations

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Well, I would have you come over to CSN but it seems you're into a much smaller and newer alliance. Well how about TYR ???

Why them? well they have a Protectorate with CSN. Government is stable and looking good so far :) This alliance has a great potential and I believe with you, the potential will be met that much quicker. If you're interested in money, that will be provided to you through the very structured tech deal programs we have running for that extra income. :)

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The Global Democratic Alliance been around for well over 2 years, and our government's been stable since the beginning. We always welcome new members, ideas and suggestions, and especially people who want to help in the government, so check us out at http://www.gdacn.com and see if we're what you're after. :)

(We also have a stable, insured tech deal program.)

Edit: Didn't see "Newer".. /facepalm

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You should join:

Federated Allies for Cultural Exchange

our forums are at http://www.face-cn.com

FACE is a small alliance, looking to get everything perfect before recruiting. FACE is protected by TOP. FACE also is working on getting our lower NS nations to become big. So our focus would be high average Nation Strength and members coming in.

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