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The Legion's Third Anniversary Big Bash

Arcadian Empire

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We are three!

The Legion has always stood for Strength, Honour, Justice and Unity. And today, we have done so for three years - from humble beginnings three years ago, on the 31st of January 2006 - the Legion has forever been embedded in CyberNations History. Three years ago, our founder Great Britain set up the 'FCS Foreign Legion' (to be renamed 'The Legion' in February) - a small purple alliance, the first purple alliance and since then, we have grown to almost 1600 members, the most of all alliances ever - fell to abominable depths, yet still survived and are on the rise. The Legion has endured so much more than what many other alliances can say, because we are The Legion.

But alas, today is not for reflection only, it is also for celebration. The Legion is Three! :awesome:

For I am just a measly Senator, but, I will say the next week will be choc-a-bloc of exciting times for the Legion. What could the Legion be planning for three years? Well, you'll just have to wait and see what we get up to. But until then, we have huge epic celebrations in the Legion's forums at *avelegio.net*. So get on there and celebrate!

And before I forget, here is the official video of the Legion's Three Year Celebration, as made by Melidan...entitled 'The Legion Endures'.



Arcadian Empire


Now to get onto the Legion Letter!


Sinatra's Casa: Three Years, and Three Cheers

by Sinatra

The Legion reaching three years old says so much about our character, the fact we have existed enough to celebrate such grandeur is praise beyond words. Our continued survival is a tribute to our skill, when so many other alliances have faltered, great and small. Our longevity could be attributed to our physicality and strength, perhaps the allies we have made, perhaps the respect we command or maybe we just got lucky. The truth is it is the people we call our own that have brought about this grand milestone. Not everyman posses every attribute, however we posses every attribute in our sum due to the individual qualities of our parts. Whether it be dedication, work ethic, ideas, activity or unshaken loyalty by just flying The Legion flag day in and day out, the qualities of our individuals means that as a whole, we lack nothing and do not want for anything.

I have observed The Legion throughout its entire life, in the early years as an external observer and then later on as a member within her ranks. From the moment when I lay in awe at what wonders lay behind those forum doors, to the history of my maturity The Legion has captured my imagination, intellectually challenged me and above all, has answered my longing for a place to call home. The Legion has satisfied my every need and to me, is all things to all men. That is what The Legion is to me.

As we advance toward the next three years we must take stock of our rich history and the tapestry of events that makes us who we are. We must advance in the future continuing to use what has worked so well for us these past years, and we must never let that go. For to do so as a crime as our history is the product of thousands of people, and it is not the right of any one man or any current legionnaire member list to throw away. Without clinging and standing by our past and what we stand for, we have no need to celebrate our birthday, let alone a right to fly the eagle and call ourselves Legionnaires. But whilst we embrace our past we must also embrace the lessons we have learned from it. We would be fools to ignore lessons that we learned in such a harsh manner and we must vow never to repeat those.

I have witnessed our most raging of storms and I have drank from the chalice when we were on top of the world Whatever our state, whatever our strength, whoever the members within our ranks I have and always will be proud to call myself a Legionnaire. We cannot deny the truth of our existence, the fabric of our morals and values, so who am I to deny what I am, which is a Legionnaire.

I was invited to say a few words about legionnaires I feel have contributed something spectacular to our alliance and I would like to uphold that invitation. I will say a few select words, to a select few. I must regretfully omit so many names for ease of reading, please do not interpret this as any kind of insult.

ParkerBaby: I am unbelievably biased here, however what needs to be said must be said. You offer us so much and demand so little, you grant us all the most gorgeous of female faces to brighten up what could potentially be one hell of a wiener fest (I believe that is the right American term). Your diligence and loyalty are a gift to our alliance, and we all so unwittingly sample the fruits of your labour everyday in the areas you serve our alliance. Above all you have granted me the gift of the very best of friends and you are someone I know I, and all of us, wish to have not only in our alliance, but in our lives for many years to come. You have me someone I could laugh with, cry with and above all cling to very dearly. The alliance would not be the same without you. Sinatra’s are ten a penny, but there is only one PB. Don’t you dare ever change, because you are simply inspirational to us all.

Konkrage and Hymenbreach: May you continue to drag us into the future and toward progression by the scruffs of our necks with your ideas, however you never allow us to forget where we came from in helping us decide where we are going. You bring along our dearest values on ever you help to take us.

Melidan and Iron Wolf: You are the unshakable rocks that keep our alliance anchored in strong and dear values. The stability you bring grants us a foundation, when otherwise we would be falling apart at the seams. Your friendship is valued by us all, and me in particular, and may you forever grace our upper ranks.

Imperial: No other Legionnaire brings so much professionalism and sense to our alliance. Laughter and the ability to dream are all good qualities, however without professional and pragmatic approaches to problems the cogs of our machine would seize up, and you my friend are one of the most important cogs our machine has ever known.

Arcadian Empire: You have the uncanny ability to crack me up in all that you do, your humour is something that is a very welcomed addition to my day. Above all never have I seen such continued motivation from a director in our history. You serve your job with distinction, and communications is a department you can proudly call your own. You never seek to advance your own personal ambitions, you seek only to do a job you enjoy and to do it very well indeed.

Kind Regards

Francis Albert Sinatra


A View from the Retirement Chair

by Assarax

Oh, hi there. This is once again "A View from the Retirement Chair". This segment is generally reserved for crotchety old Legionnaires such as myself to rant and rave about the things we believe are plaguing the alliance. However, I find it hard to be cynical on today of all days. If you don't know by now, today is The Legion's third birthday. What makes this birthday special from the other two previous birthdays, you ask? Well, that's a good question. For the past three years The Legion has been a household name. While the name may not have been the most well-liked name, everyone knows who we are. And as such, this column will be used to sing praises of The Legion.

Regardless of what non-legionnaires have to say about us, I have seen a strength in The Legion that few others have here on Planet Bob. No, I do not mean military strength, but I mean strength of will and strength of character. We've been to the brink, we've seen death and destruction and the obliteration of the Legion name, and yet we returned from the brink. Why? Because of the people that sacrificed their time, their infra and their tech to ensure the survival of this great alliance.

My saga with the Legion begins on April 28, 2007, when a colleague at work showed me Cybernations. I joined, and based upon his recommendation (those of you in Old Guard or old GPA members may remember FredsDragon), I joined The Legion. Granted I wasn't very active until August of that year, but the Dove War was the turning point. My activity levels spiked, and I got involved in recruitment and the spam corps. After purplegate hit, I became the Legion's first Director of Recruitment under the new system (it's not like we had that position before, but still). After TechDragon's removal as MoIA in February 2008, I took the position where I served until September.

Why am I telling you all this? Well as you all know, or will find out in short time, old people like to talk, and we believe we've earned the right to jabber on and on about "the good ole days" when gas cost less than a dollar and you could get a comic book for a nickel, but I digress. I'm telling you all this because it would not have been possible for me to serve out my terms without the support of my fellow Legionnaires. Our bond is near unbreakable, and we have all devoted our lives here on Planet Bob to the betterment of this great alliance. To those of you naysayers out there, who only wish to hate on my alliance, I know that mistakes were made in the distant past, and we have been forever trying to right those wrongs. It's common knowledge that many of Planet Bob's citizens were at one time Legionnaires. Today, on The Legion's third birthday, I ask you all to look into your hearts and try to find what it is that attracted you to the Legion in the first place, for today, we are all Legionnaires.

I ask that every citizen on Planet Bob reading this today to raise your glass, mug, bong, cigar, or what have you, in toast to this fine alliance's third birthday.

Ich Dien - I serve


The Economics Report

by The Arbiter, Minister of Economics

First, let me tell you a little bit about me. I started CyberNations 482 days ago. I joined the Red Faction because of their excellent entrance aid programs. I was 13 years old at the time so I didn't exactly realize the communist theme of the alliance... :P After we merged with the Socialistic Empire, their agenda became clearer. I was given a government position in Socialistic Empire, the Grand Commissar. After about 30 days as Grand Commissar I decided to resign. Being the staunch capitalist that I am, I just couldn't bear being in a commie alliance. ;) Alright, after that I tried to make my own alliance, the Network of Protected Nations. I came to the Legion for a protectorate treaty but I liked the atmosphere here so much I decided to join. I was a regular member for about 20 days before I was elected into the House of Representatives. This was during a particularly rough patch of our recent history, the time of the Legion-PAIN/Universalis/Vanguard war. I tried to do my best, working with the Consulate, to achieve peace with our foes. We received $175mil in reparations. Directly after peace was declared, our Minister of Economics, blissy456, resigned. I was appointed the new Minister of Economics in late August and my first order of business was to get the reps handed out. With organized applications and help from two staffers, hockeyD13 and jackyseto123, we had completed reparations. PAIN and Vanguard had sent reparations on time and in an organized fashion, which was very good on their behalf.

The next thing for me to do was to organize the Legion Bank in a way which I thought was best. At this time we had four jobs in the Bank, Minister of Economics, Chief of Financial Staff, Bank Manager, and Quartermaster. To make the staff more specialized, I split the bank managers into three groups, tech officers, financial directors, and bank managers. The tech officers manage tech deals both inter and intra alliance, financial directors manage tech sleds and rocket sleds, and bank managers keep tabs on the bank nations and make sure they are sending aid where they are supposed to be sending them. I also created the position of Chairman of the Bank and Economic Analysts. The Chief of Financial Staff was and is the Ministry of Economics Senate position in the Legion, but their job is to make sure all the Bank staff are doing what they are supposed to. We needed someone to oversee and create economic plans, hence the Chairman of the Bank and Economic Analysts. Economic Analysts keep track of the Legion's growth and analyze it to find what accounts for most of our growth and then they, the Chairman of the Bank, and myself, all work together to try to create an economic plan which will help us utilize those areas to the best of our ability. Here's just a bit of history: The first Minister of Economics was ShadowPhoenix, the first Chief of Financial Staff was Isaac of Trek, and the first Chairman of the Bank was Clockwise.

After the Bank re-structure, we had to start making our alliance grow. I'm going to tell you a little bit about our economic plans from August '08 to date. (No, I'm not going to give enough information for you to use them. :P) First, Operation Legio Ordo Nuclear was created. This program used bank funds to purchase technology for nation near the nuke barrier to give them a little bit of stimulus to push them over. We also ran a Legion Lottery, where 15 or so nations sent $3mil each to seller nations, and three nations randomly selected received all of the tech. We are also running Super Nation programs, which are bank-funded tech deals that send a constant supply of tech to the super nations. Konkrage and Xineoph were the first two super nations, but now since the experimental phase is over there will be about 6 super nations selected for this round of the program. There are a lot of other minor programs that I won't be getting into, but now it is the moment you've all been waiting for: WAR BANKING! But I'm not going to talk about war banking for obvious reasons so you're just going to have to make judgments on it come next war. :jihad:

Now for recent news. At the start of 2009, things were looking very bad for the Legion. Internal disputes brought upon the resignations of several large, influential, nations such as Clockwise of anti-clockwise and lmcfalcon12 of Empiresville. Alliance Score was down to 13.26 at our lowest. However, with enormous increases in recruitment thanks to the work of the new Director of Recruitment, Melidan, and his top recruiter, nonamemark, membership count has dramatically increased with 23 new nations in the last few weeks. These new nations provide extra tech sellers both for the private sector and Legion Bank-ran programs. And so, with Recruitment and the Ministry of Economics both working full throttle, the Legion has gained 0.73 Alliance Score in the last month.

Thanks for reading,

The Arbiter

Minister of Economics

Now, some graphs for those of us who don't like reading :P









My Memories

Various people

The Legion has had in its tenure, I would estimate, at least 2250 members over its time in our three years. We don't have quite that many people, but I went around and asked people about their best memory of the Legion...


Getting to know people like Reformentia and Swampy and Konk and Iron Wolf and Woody and Gene L and Sinatra and lots of others my fingers will ache from typing. - Gibsonia

So many memories. I also think fondly of our first cutest female contest and when Lord Swampy proclaimed me the coolest person on purple team (despite the fact I was pink at the time). - Sinatra

Reading that Jazzi had quit really moved me to tears. Of laughter. - Hymenbreach

MINE WAS WHEN ITCHES GAVE ME A HIGH 5 ON IRC! I twas teh happy! - ParkerBaby

My first ZI... - FreeMason

When I got on IRC for the second or third time ever and I got my first query from itches reading "Do you have a minute?", "I need you to do something for me." damn itches!!!! - King William IV

My entrance into the legion......It was a dark and stormy CN night, a bright, hopeful young nation stood atop a hill, overlooking The Legion's top tier....suddenly, there was a shout! "Hello, I am a bright young nation looking to work my way up into the top tier of nations as quickly as possible. Any aid is appreciated." Then, from the darkness, came a response...."My name is Xineoph and I will not be sending you aid. All aid slots are for Legion members only." A response from the unaligned vagabond.. "Pfft.... you probably don't have the money anyway... your nation does not have what it takes to send 3 million..." Back at Legion HQ reports come flying in from Um. It's leader Xineoph has reported a troll on its borders. Instead of destroying said troll, the Prime Minister of the time issued the advice to recruit the troll into The Legions ranks.....The plan worked. - Konkrage

My favorite memory was of being on IRC the eve of Great War IV.. Listening to Swampy's war-time radio broadcast.. That was *expletive* epic - Melidan

I always remember GeneL and those avatars of his. For a while I thought he was a hot girl. - Gibsonia

The first time I got a job here for The Legion. Was a little while after GW3 and it occured to me.. "Hmm, maybe I oughtta get a job and help the Legion out with more than just shooting at war-time enemyz." I applied as a War Reporter and general Gopher for the Admiralty. "How hard could those be?"

Then a while laterz, itches catches me on irc. "Iron... got 15 minutes?"

Me: "Sure."

<-- An hour later the messaging n stuff is done. itches time is defenitely very stretchy - Iron Wolf

I remember finally getting out from under the peace terms of Great War III. My first tanks produced were named in honor of VL, the "VL Mk1's" and the Factories I was able to rebuild were named in honor of Rakari for the rebuilding Aid I got from her. At the time I *think* it was $300k-$500k. I know it wasn't all her own money, but I was very grateful for the cash to get out of ZI and bill-lock immediately after the war - Iron Wolf

The Pimptastic Trade Guilds, was a fun time in my economics stuff with over 60 members signed up, even tho now I dislike trade guilds was still good fun. - Clockwise

One of my favorite Legion memories is when Woody, nbx909, and I were the drunk guys at Jazzi's wedding. Someone (Cpt. McArthur?) kept looking at VL's crotch and the whole time we had a running commentary going on IRC. Good times... - The Corporal

Working with all the people in the legion over the past two years. Such a range of people and it has been such an experience. - Saloon Simon

When I first joined the Legion in May 2006, I couldn't figure out why NpO was being refered to as NPO-Lite bya lot of people. - Iron Wolf

Lol, back when the old forums. when i had almost 2000 posts. =[ - Zyvexal

I've only been here a short while, and Ive messed up quite a few times, but each time The Legion has been forgiving and because of that my Nation has grown to a size I never thought it would have. *Raises his glass* This one is for The Legion and all of my comrades who couldent make it to this point! - Vanik Hardil

The CSN war, that night Melidan, Onichan, Imperial and Jacosby and I got drunk and declared war. I think we were the initial "blitz", just us five. What did we call ourselves? The Drunken 5 or something. - Assarax

I have many. When Pezstar abandoned Legion 101 while I was in it, chalaskan teaching me war class in the old forums, wain doing...whatever she did and wondering how people got 10 000 posts in the first place. Uhh...getting recruited by Reformentia, finding out who MAX was, reading the HoF posts, looking through the Legion's Cutest Female contest, getting 150 hours in the 'Longest Last Post' game, wondering how to use our new forums when we got them...playing Tetris. - Arcadian Empire

I remember ORRPLE o/ and the exchange program. - wain

Being asked to play the priest (!) at Sinny and Pb's wedding. - Hymenbreach


My Memoirs

by King William IV

I joined the Legion on May 29th, 2007 after a tumultuous year at military school. I had decided that I was going to join the game and keep it going no matter what. So I signed up for the Legion as soon as I joined. It was a bad time for the Legion, one where we were not liked. A time in which we took flak for every big board post, every mention of our name was stifled with claims of us being unfaithful, or us being a treaty breaker. I don’t know exactly why I stayed, but I did.

I met people like Assarax, and Melidan. I was there when the Dove War broke out, and we were told to sit tight in peace mode. It was a very fun time where we stood strong as an alliance and didn’t break in our values. Then I went back to military school and was inactive. I missed the Unjust War, I missed Purplegate, but on that fateful November 9th, I got a text message from my friend who plays the game. It said, “The Legion just got f*****, do you want me to get you out.” I told him no, I had made my bed and planned to stay in it. I managed to get on the off world forums and found out what was going on. I learned of Swampy’s mistake and how the Legion was then a shell of its sanction. Still I stayed. I remained inactive until I graduated from military school and was able to have unrestricted internet access. Even though I had been able to follow bits and pieces, I was behind; The Legion even though functioning was not in good shape. We had slowly been paying off our reparations and working our way out of the basement. When I got back, I signed up for jobs in foreign affairs, economics and defense. I have been able to keep these jobs minus economics until this day.

It was near the end of May that I was talked to by Lord Swampy for the first time since he left. He had remembered who I was way back before Purplegate and it surprised me remembering how inactive I was most of the time. He asked me how I was doing and we talked. I told him that we had elections coming up and I was considering running. He kept talking to me and finally convinced me to do it with other people. I was nervous, I had for the first time in my CN career put myself before the alliance and I was really nervous. I was very proud at the end of those days when I had won my seat and taken up the job as a representative. When I joined the house, it was one that was split down the middle.

We had a great Speaker of the House, but we lacked what we needed inside of that government body the most and that was unity. We failed to be united on what direction we pushed the alliance and in that respect we failed everyone. We did manage to get some work done, but I never felt it was enough and so in August of 2008 I ran again. Our Speaker of the House had retired, and so after elections were over, I put my name in the hat for that position, I lost the chance at being speaker to a man better than I. Hymenbreach was selected as our Speaker of the House and I had decided to serve him as best as I could.

In some ways, I failed him as I did not defend him to the best of my ability when he was inactive. That is what I consider my biggest failure. Less than a month after he was selected to be the Speaker, Hymenbreach was removed from the position. I again put my name in for contention and this time won. That day I made a promise to always fight for each side of the argument even if it was only internally for the betterment of the Legion. I was given one of the best groups of people anyone could have asked for. Illusion, Hymenbreach, Michaeru, lmcfalcon12, and K Kris all did an amazing job for me. I worked hard and made sure that always the Legion was put first in the House’s mind. We reformed laws, changed our stance on certain issues, and we moved forward. That House did more for me then anyone knows.

I have been told I was a great Speaker of the House, but all the credit goes to them. Without them, the first 2 months as Speaker would not have been as productive. Elections came around in November and I ran again to retain my job as Speaker. I ran knowing that in a month I was going to resign. I ran and was elected to a House seat for the third time. This time I was surrounded by an equally amazing group of people. Megamind, Konkrage, Imperial joined the House and changed the world of Legion government upside down. We had finally decided to open up our doors to the people. The House would now have all of its actions viewed by the people so the membership could know who exactly they were voting for.

Once the House’s forums were opened up slowly, I told everyone I would be resigning and training my successor for the week leading up to my resignation. I left the job of Speaker into Illusion’s hands. I knew at that time that he was a fully capable successor for one of the hardest positions within the Legion’s government. I had left government hoping to be able to retire and I remained available to Illusion at any moment to help him get used to the job. I went quiet for a bit. I decided to take my break from government and relax a little before my midterms at college. I took my break and was having the great feeling of being retired until Assarax told me one day he was resigning from Dean of the Diplomatics Corps and interim Minister of Foreign Affairs and said that I would be taking up the reigns for him. Once he passed on the reigns, the House soon removed our inactive Minister of Foreign Affairs Professor D from consulate and appointed me to it. I selected jacosby as my new Dean and have since worked to get the Foreign Affairs department back up to where it used to be.

It has been a long road for every single Legionnaire, one that has come with its highs and lows. No matter what, we stand together as one group, one Legion. The words “Unity is Strength” shall forever guide me and I hope they may guide you too.


From a (Relative) N00b

by FreeMason

(By the way, the SOPHIE stands for - Super Officer: Payment, Handling, Intelligence, Equipment)

Ok, the title may be a bit misleading. I've been on Planet Bob (and in the Legion) for almost 7 months now. I'm a vet of GWV. But compared to the others around here, I'm still in diapers. I've learned to walk, sure, but I still can't run without falling on my face. And don't even get me started on the potty training...anyway, I feel it is appropriate to label myself a n00b.

My nation was born last summer, during my time as a slave working in my dad's law office. I had been introduced to !@#$%* by a friend of mine a few months earlier, and while it held my attention for a while, it got very dull, very quick. So when I saw the link to "CyberNations: An Online Nation Simulator", or whatever it said, I thought "Why not? I'm bored anyway". And so I travelled through the interwebz, to the magical world of Planet Bob. And so, I founded my nation, a tiny collection of pixels surrounded by giants I didn't even know existed.

Within minutes, I had recieved my first alliance recruitment message. Then came another, and another, and soon a swarm of them had poured into my inbox. As I looked through, one in particular caught my eye. It was from a guy called President Jack, of Melidan, inviting me to join an alliance called "the Legion". Now, I've always had a soft spot for Roman-esque things, and I liked what was said in the message (very personal, unlike the generic copypastas used by so many alliances) so I decided to look into it. I applied, and by the next day I had become a Legionairre.

At first, I grew slowly. Tech deals and more tech deals, you know the drill. A couple weeks into my membership, I was given my first military assignment. Oh, I was so excited. I was told to go frag this guy who was ghosting our AA. So I did, and it was so much fun. Forget that he was defenseless and inactive. The ZI was still very gratifying. Plus, it provided target practice, which proved very useful when I was sent into my first real conflict.

The war was, ah...inconvenient, to say the least. I had just started on a tech sled, which was cut short by said war. I was understandably angry, and I took out my anger on my first target. +1 anarchy for me, on to the next. My next target was much more resiliant. The fighting lasted longer, but by the third day I had basically won. So when a fellow Legionairre posted on the forums requesting help, I felt I could do it. So I said "Sure! I'll help out!", ignoring a warning from a more experienced member not to overextend myself. Sure enough, I soon found myself dogpiled by five enemy nations. I was pushed into anarchy, which caused me to request aid, a call that was met by a few million $ in aid and fire support from a Legionairre by the name of leninrocks (now deleted). With this help I pushed back my attackers and continued fighting to the end of the war.

After hostilities had ceased, things went back to business as usual. I got more active, and took a position in our Communications Dept under Arcadian. Time has passed, my nation has grown, and I have gained promotion to SOPHIE of Communications and Head Mentor. What is most important, however, is that I am still a Legionairre, and will remain so until the day I delete.

A quick recognition of the people who helped me get to where I am today:

Melidan: Introduced me to the Legion, and is one of the most devoted Legionairres I've met.

asacavanagh: The first person I ever really talked to in the Legion, on the spam forums no less

leninrocks: Irreverant commie !@#$%^& and savior of my nation.

jackyseto: Sent me aid when I was beaten to anarchy. Was also the one who warned me not to overextend myself in war. Oops...

HockeyD13: Got me on the first tech deal I ever did, and shamelessly promoted the Quest to 10k

Clockwise: Game mechanics god. Got me started on my sled, and taught me how to run it a couple days later, when he went on strike. Most of what I know about how the game works, I learned from him.

Arcadian Empire: Trained me in communications, and has promoted me to SOPHIE. Gave me permission to write for the LL, and has been extremely helpful with anything I've asked. Oh, and of course, the blondes vs brunettes picture battle

the god of lightning: Made me head mentor, and has forgiven my beginner's mistakes.

Every other Legionnaire: My internet family. Thank you all for making this game so much fun, and such an amazing waste of time

Ave Legio!


Ave Legio! Poem

by Hymenbreach

Individual fingers cannot strike a blow,

A solitary bee makes a poor swarm.

No need to fear the single piranha,

Unity is strength, my friend.

Come sit close to me,

While I give you the history

Of where you rest, of the alliance

That holds you in its hand.

Once we were mighty, my friend,

Great in strength, great in power, we were.

Until our ocean broke upon the beach,

Upon the rocks of pride and recklessness.

We mistook size for influence,

Good intentions for good planning,

Silence for wisdom,

A good heart for political power.

We became as an Eagle in a cage,

Tortured by children, prodded by curs.

Low, we fell, low into the earth.

But we were given time to prepare.

One last test, one last torment

By our own hand we endured.

Around the flag we rallied,

The glorious few, the most faithful,

The most hopeful. We awoke

From our fevered sleep,

Helped to our feet by former enemies,

And we began to rebuild.

A mountain begins as a pebble,

A Sahara begins as a grain of the sand

And we shall, wiser, stronger, purer,

Rise again into a glorious tomorrow!

So who are we?

We are the immortals, my friend.

The sons of history’s forge

We are The Legion!



"Who are we?" you may say.

We are the immortals, forever from that day!

The sons of history's forge, King of the Purple Region!

Yes, you guessed it, we are the Legion!

Edited by Arcadian Empire
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Woohoo Happy Birthday Us!

Sorry to say that but Legion is just a shadow of it was.

Congrats anyway.

We may be just a shadow of our former self, but.. i just have to say.. that it is our shadow and we love it, and with more time we (or atleast I) hope to make it just as great as before.

Congrats to not only us, but to every Alliance that survived another year, Friend or Foe; congrats.

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