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The Empirical Order


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Hello, Cybernation users.

You probably have several messages in your inbox promising $3 million or more in grants and large amounts of foreign aid. These alliances don't tell you that when you advance in the game prices for these bonuses get higher and higher, so you will not gain as much power as they would have you believe.

The Empirical Order prides and rewards individuals making their own way. The main way we make income is building strength through making war. If you propose a war to our voting body, and they approve, you can have a nation partner with you and split resources. Tech dealing is also at the forefront of our economy, with a dedicated guild set up for the profession. We ask nothing in return for joining, other than spreading our reputation across the game.

If you are interested in joining, contact me or Pitdragon, for need to know information.

Our forum is located here: http://s1.zetaboards.com/the_empirical_order

The site is still under construction, so be patient with the little bugs till we fix it, kay?

We need at least 50 people to join before we can begin proper.

-ShinigamiXV, consul magnus, TEO

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