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Mad Dog Crew.


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Click here instead for our cool logo, I don'ts wants no warns

Mad Dog Crew Announcement.

Declaration of Awesomeness.

Because making sentences out of everything is bad arse. So is left alignment.

Back in the day, me and some holmes went around being bad arse. So we figured; why not roll large and be even more bad arse together, in one CREW? My homies Wentworth and Kevveh were the first Mad Dogs to be inducted into the crew.

<Crushtania[RoK]> it worked for me

<Crushtania[RoK]> I was Triumvir for 10 months

<Crushtania[RoK]> and i won by a billion votes

<wentworth[NATO]> Crush is a badass i hear

<Crushtania[RoK]> its true

<Crushtania[RoK]> i chew bubble gum and kick arse

<Crushtania[RoK]> but i'm always out of gum

<wentworth[NATO]> lol

<Kev_McD[ACV|MajGen]> crush strikes me as someone who has long hair and plays acoustice guitar and doesn't give a damn

<Kev_McD[ACV|MajGen]> :P

<Kev_McD[ACV|MajGen]> *acoustic

<Crushtania[RoK]> why...acoustic

<Crushtania[RoK]> but the other two bits were pretty much spot on

<Kev_McD[ACV|MajGen]> i dunno why acoustic

<Kev_McD[ACV|MajGen]> just because

<Kev_McD[ACV|MajGen]> and lol

<Crushtania[RoK]> lol!

<wentworth[NATO]> I have a mohawk and play piano does that count?

<Crushtania[RoK]> yeah i reckon it would

* Crushtania[RoK] Kev and wentworth make up the Mad Dog Crew

<Crushtania[RoK]> brb

* Crushtania[RoK] is now known as Crush[bRB]

<wentworth[NATO]> Damn thats sweet

<Crush[bRB]> oh yeah

<Crush[bRB]> and you get a cup for being in the crew

After that, the notoriety of the Crew began to grow. CptGodzilla was such a mad dog, we had to make him Top Dog.

So, how do you become a member of the Mad Dog Crew?

Simple. You just gotta act like a MAD DOG. Mad Dogs are only inducted into the crew upon invitation from other Mad Dogs. You must first make your way up from being a Top Bloke - this does not certify automatic entry; rather a preliminary period. Then you are given Mint Dog status until you are granted entry into the TRUE Mad Dog Crew.

All members are entitled to wear this sig everywhere. I mean everywhere.


All mad dogs may assemble in the #maddogs channel on Coldfront. If you aren't a Mad Dog, then what are you doing there? State your case for Mad Dog-worthiness in this thread. You're only half a man if you DARE, so you'll have to apply TWICE.

Signed, the ORIGINAL Mad Dog Crew


CptGodzilla (Top Dog)

Wentworth the Brave (Original Mad Dog)

Kevin McDonald (Original Mad Dog)





Jewel (The Mint Dog)


Londo Mollari

Duracell (Everready)

Vulkan (Top Bloke; still not a mad dog - keep on truckin')

hovercat (doin' it rite)


King Xondor (probably)

fiercesob (totally ba)


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One time some evangelical wakkos were on my college campus, yelling that we would all burn in hell, and there were a ton of them all over. You couldn't avoid them with their picket signs, and for the OSU campus, home of the largest student body in North America, that's saying something.

One of the girls made the mistake: yelling through a megaphone into my ear, she said to "listen to that voice deep down inside and repent!"

Not missing a beat, I turned right into her and said in my most innocent voice that "the voice in my head says to spill the blood of the innocent. Are you a virgin?"

A few of her "brothers" (who, interestingly, every male in this group had a groomed beard, plaid flannel shirt, vest, and tacky cowboy hat), got in my face as she backed away freaked out, and started shoving me for such a blasphemous affront to their noble cause.

I just started laughing like a deranged maniac as they did this and the shoving got more intense and my friend reached out grabbed me and dragged me off to get lost in the crowd as a fight broke out between those guys and members of the student body trying to defend me.

Puppets danced that day...they danced a dance that would put Michael Flatley to shame and the master pulled but a single string...

(this is actually a true story from my sophomore year at Ohio State University)

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Not to mention he isn't even a top bloke. Bit of a derro if you ask me scm.

I'm so mad dog i wear thongs even when its 4 degrees outside.

Quiet daggarz, you're not even on the list.

Xondor, FG and I decided...

...that you weren't supposed to know.


No U. I made the name "Xondor", and yet you dishonour me so!!!

I issue an ultimatum to the Mad Dog crew to bring me in for membership, or suffer the consequences :jihad:

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