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Your Regularly Scheduled Vox Thread

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The Shadowman rustles some papers about in his hand, thrusting this way and that as he punctuates words on a practice run. He sips at a brandy, draws a deep breath, then pulls the microphone forward . . .


As it has been a few days, and as I imagine my younger counterparts are all off galavanting on this end of the week, I hijack this announcement for the world's pleasure:


Vox Populi wishes to inform the world that Starfox101 has resigned his senate seat mid-term to pursue a lady--abandoning the Vox Founding Principle "Bros Before Hoes" at his own peril--and pursuant to our charter the Senate has appointed Electron_Sponge to fill such for the remainder of the term. Starfox's absence also causing a vacancy in the office of Vox Dei, the second senate composed of the rest of us plus Sponge have also duly elected Doitzel to that heavy burden (for which youth is better suited than wisdom).

Lastly, we wish to inform US Brians Room particularly, and you all generally, that we have amended our charter in response to his stunning argument:

No one lied. They were simply wrong. If I believe today is Tuesday and tell you today is Tuesday, and it is actually Wednesday, I have not lied. I have simply made a mistake.

Ivan was never appointed, legally or illegally. Moo simply said "he is the current Emperor."

Using the date analogy again, if I'm the Emperor and I think it's Tuesday and it's actually Wednesday, it doesn't automatically become Tuesday because I said so.

The Emperor of the NPO is the most powerful person in the Cyberverse, but he is still a person. He is human. He is not infallible.

The below amendment to Article IV passed without opposition, and the Vox Dei issues this statement with its certification: "Thank you, US Brians Room, for enlightening us. We can still learn from the NPO."

8. The Vox Dei shall be relieved of his privelege of lying on all but the third Wednesday of each month.

Vox Populi thanks you in advance for all free publicity to come, US Brians Room for challenging us to expand ourselves and our reality, and of course hopes to see global conflagration coming to a power superstructure near you - and soon!

Oh, one last thing, the thin form tossed those glaring eyes back over his shoulder, The Order of the Red Geranium is active. All wings report in. Then he only cackled, the sound nearly indistinguishable from the crack of hard soles on cold floor.

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It's great to see a Schattenmann announcement once and a while lol.

It's sad that Starfox has had to step down, but one's personal life should always come before Planet Bob politics. I'm glad we have a good senator to fill his shoes instead. Go us.

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wait...what if its Tuesday where the emperor is but wensday on the otherside of the world, dosent that make everything ok?

Isnt He/She right no matter what?

Thanks for the coming clarification


There is but on true, proper timezone: Where The Emperor Is Standard. You can read my further publications at vox.mnemonik.net

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