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::Commonly United Marooners::

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Hello, noble nations and alliances of the Cyberverse. The United Maroon Alliance is a new and respected Maroon alliance, with well experienced members that work towards an upholding of the highest honor and peaceful manner possible for its membership. The United Maroon pledges its loyalty to the Maroon team, and is looking for nations, young and old, to join the ranks of its brotherhood. Any and all nations are welcome to join as long as they are willing to switch to join the cause.

Come and be part of our family. We're not just an alliance, we are UMA!


IRC: #UMA on irc.coldfront.net *& and @ are government*

Forums: http://z13.invisionfree.com/UnitedMA

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This nation is attacking, and has thrown into anarchy, a fellow C.U.M: ME!

Help me throw him into anarchy! 1,000,000 bounty in regular CN for the first who attacks him ^_^

Here I am in TE: Nation ID: 1002399



Ruler: beltazar

Nation: moskive

Nation ID: 1001182



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