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Foreign aid history screen


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Can someone tell me why I cannot sort by nation or see all of my history here? As it is the game seems to randomly cut off the history so at times I cannot tell if I have already met my tech commitment or not.

In one particular case I am not sure if I am still on my first 50 tech trade or the second one for a particular nation. It has cut off the expired trade that shows when I first received payment from them. I of course can drop the guy an e-mail but it seems strange that the game doesn't have the tools to do this already.

I of course could be missing something here.

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Foreign Aid offers are removed if one of the rulers deletes the aid offer. Some nations choose to do this (I know I do) because it makes it more clear what the status of your aid offer is.

What probably happened was they deleted your aid offer.

Currently, other than the ingame aid screen there is no aid history and so if someone does remove the aid offer after it expires, all records other than those you keep are lost.

I'd recommend using the built in notepad function for this.

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