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Ok, I was a member of Cybernations along time ago. I left after the first Great War or second...I think it was called that. Anyways, I just remember that war that the NPO awas kicking butt and The Legion was neutral until the very end and then we (I was a member) came in against the NPO. We lost and I think we were outlawed or something.

Basically, I am wondering what has happened since then and what happened to the once mighty Legion? Just asking for a history lesson is all.

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GWI I assume you're talking about.

I'll do what I can but this is just what I've pieced together so I may be wrong on details.

Legion entered GWI and the Orders lost (some say it was a draw, I don't know). After that, NPO built itself back up, and formed The Initiative with several other notable alliances, and defeated its past enemies in GWII. They then defeated them again in GWIII. Eventually The Initiative began to fall apart and some sort of civil war was fought; GOONS and some other alliances lost and mostly left the game. After that war, the remains of the Initiative and some other alliances formed The Continuum, which has dominated the game since. There was another world war in which NpO, for some reason or other, was defeated by The Continuum.

At this point The Continuum continues to dominate.

Edit: As for The Legion, I recommend reading Swampy's memoirs. They're well written and as far as I can tell, free from bias.

Episode 1: http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=45782

Episode 2: http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=46053

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