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Mostly Harmful Alliance Relations Clarification with The Phoenix Federation


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Mostly Harmful Alliance Relations Clarification with The Phoenix Federation

1) Mostly Harmful Alliance does NOT have an official MADP with The Phoenix Federation. Upon an audit of our treaties I have found no such evidence supporting a MADP. MHA did have an agreement in the prior round with TPF. At the beginning of the round, informal talks about a MADP did occur, however, no documents were produced by either side for review and thus no formal treaty has been signed.

2) Up to this point in time MHA & TPF has honored the friendship as such as evidence through respect skirmishes during the course of this round.

3) MHA did sign an agreement with Casus Belli during this round.

4) Upon the merger of Casus Belli and TFP, the agreement has become void.

5) MHA treats all similar cases as such. Another example is the former alliance The Fellowship. We had a treaty with them but again, once they merged with another alliance the treaty became void. The one exception to this rule is when an ally that has a treaty with MHA absorbs another alliance through a merger. The ally must be considered the larger of the two merging alliances.

It is very important that everyone understands that this clarification is NOT an announcement of severed ties between MHA and TPF. MHA still honors the friendship that carries through from the prior round. MHA & TPF does not see eye to eye on the WAPA / NAAW issue, however, this does not diminish the fact that TFP has been a loyal friend to MHA. Friends do not have to agree with each other in everything.


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