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CN Radio Update/Discussion Thread


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Listen here:

Our DJ schedule is filling up. With talent like KahlanRahl, Caffine, Supri, MagicalTrevor, Hawk_11, theArrowheadian, MaskofBlue, electronsponge and others how could you not get good entertainment?

Soon we will be rolling out unique shows that do things other than just play music. So stay tuned for updates!

We would like to thank you all for listening and pay attention to the OP of this thread for programming and DJ updates!

Currently Scheduled Talkish Shows

CN Talkshow with AirMe - Wednesdays at 10:00pm EST (Update Minus 3)

bros Variety Show - Saturdays at 9:00pm EST (Update Minus 4)

Caffine/Ironchef "Can't remember the title" Sunday/Monday at Midnight Eastern (Update Minus 1)


CN Radio Station Management Team

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So last I heard, you can only have 50 listeners at any given time. Has this limit been a problem yet, and if so, are there any plans to rectify it?

I don't have the stats on hand, but so far I think the only time we hit the limit was my show last Wednesday. I believe we are averaging about 20 listeners. It hasn't been a problem yet but as soon as it does we will rectify it.

How would one get involved in CN radio as a DJ? How does the radio broadcast? What kind of system set-up or software is involved?

To apply as a DJ go to thecastlehall.com and post in the DJ application thread. Then the Station Managers will review the application to see if you are a good fit for the station and then see if there is a time slot that you would fit into. Upon approval, we would see what software you already have and go from there.

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For those of us who aren't familiar with foreign time zones, could you try to be clearer when listing a schedule? For example, you could use GMT (I think everyone knows what their timezone is relative to GMT) or just use CN server time.

Using words like 7 PM CET or EST or CNT or BBQ are not much use to me and I suspect many other people.

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In the original topic you said that the Moridin Caffine show was going to be released on Tuesday :P Is it still happening today or were there difficulties with getting the recording?

Jeoh and I keep missing each other. As soon as he gets my info...they will be uploaded.

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your avatar is creepy...

hmm well tell the DJ to download LIMEWIRE :D

hahahaha no

limewire sucks.

Oooh, somebody from GR is getting me set up to be a DJ on our radio. Once I've tried that a few times I'll be sure to apply for this station.

I bet you aren't going to be using SAM broadcaster :D

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