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Lol this has happened a few times now....


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So both times that I've self ZI'd and kept my soldiers, I have had a negative citizen count. This count ranges everywhere from -1100 to -300, and affects my collections, and it doesn't allow me to collect at all. I'd be fine with this, if it still atleast allowed me to collect. But it doesn't, and if this goes on another 19 days I'm going to have to buy infra so that I can collect, and then self ZI again anyway :P

This negative count seems to switch almost on and off every other day, so yesterday I was able to collect but the day before I could not.

You can see where my confusion stems from. This is something that I have yet to see (allbeit I've only self ZI'd twice now, and both were on this reroll so it's not like I'm experienced in the field) and could pose a bit of a problem for me in the future.

It clearly has something to do with my soldiers being ahead of my citizens so much, but I can't imagine that not being able to collect due to having so many soldiers was actually an intended part of the game.

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Lol, how much money do you have :o

A lot, though I'd might rather not give an exact number on the public CN forums.

I was to collect today, after switching my tax percentages around a bit, though it took two days for this... As my soldier count goes down I guess this will become less and less of a problem but, as long as it still lingers I'll continue paying attention to the topic.

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