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The United National States - UNS

Ready For Anything

Hi. I am President Bomberboy of the UNS. Below I have provided a copy of UNS's Charter, but if your not one to read a lot here is a basic Summary of what the UNS is about.

The UNS is a multicolored alliance. It is Multicolored to represent the freedom of our nations. We are young and are looking for active members to take the part of a minister. We are located at cnunitednational.freeforums.org

Now the Charter:

UNS - United National States

Ready For Anything


At UNS we aim to be a strong alliance that can offer members one of the best CN experiences they can get in the game.

UNS Government:

The Government is made up of the President, Vice President and Ministers.

President - Much like real life, he will give the orders to the alliance.

Vice President - Mainly the Public Speaker. Also fills in for the president when he is away or unable to fulfil his duties.


Home Secretary - Looks after the nations within the UNS and makes sure everything is running smoothly internaly

Secretary of Defense - Looks after UNS's Defenses and Army.

Secretary of Recruitment - Manages the Growth of the alliance

Foriegn Secretary - Manages external affairs such as treaties and embassies both in and out of UNS.

Press Secretary - Manages the monthly newsletter and other Items such as logos etc.

Below the ministers:

Below the ministers but above the nations are the Military Commanders and Squadron Commanders.

Military Commanders - Manage wars and Tactics

Squadron Commanders - looks after UNS's Troops.

National Service:National Service is currently enforced. Even if there is no chance of war, every registered UNS member must sign into a DoD squadron. No exceptions except for members who offer aid.


UNS encourages trdes with other alliances aswel as other members from the alliance. We encourage nations to join trade circles and advise them on Team Bonuses. If an alliance is an ally of ours and the same color we definately encourage trades with that alliance.


In the event of a war members must up their defcon to the given level and be ready for an attack at any moment. No nation is treated as a lone nation. We are an alliance and a team and we stick together.

Tech Raids:

Although they can be annoying they can also be quite useful. Tech raid Targets have to be approved by a Gov. member.


Elections happen once every year. To be entered into an election members must create a party. The Party must have members for President, Vice President and ONE Minister. A party may only serve 3 terms then they must have a break of at least 2 terms before running again. The Party must have a manifesto and aim.

Other info.:

UNS is a multi-colored alliance primarily of the Black Team. We can be found at uns.freeforums.org and would love to here from any nation or alliance who wishes to ask a question about us.


The charter is liable to change any added parts will be announced on the CN OWF in the alliance politics section. They will be in green.

We hope to see you inside

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President: Bomberboy

Vice President: Villianfiend

Secretary of defence: Terra Ovis Cattus

Home Secretary: Place Available

Recruitment Secretary: Place Available

Secretary of Recruitment: Smileyforall

Commander In Chief: Social Inferiority

Military General 1 : place available

Military General 2 : place available

Military General 3 : place available

Military General 4 : place available

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We have added 2 more gov positions for anyone who might be interested:

President - Bomberboy

Vice President - Villianfiend

Secretary of defence - Terra ovis cattus

Home Secretary - vacant

Recruitment Secretary - vacant

Foriegn Secretary - Smileyforall

Secretary of Audits - Money

Secretary of education - vacant

Commander in chief - Social inferiority

We have 4 military general spaces.

Join today at cnunitednational.freeforums.org

We also require some Squadron Commanders.

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