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We are, Modern Day Knights (yes you have seen us on Xbox Live), a brand new alliance looking for ACTIVE gov... we wish to have ANY diplomatic ties as long as we get to know said alliance... we are protected by The Templar Knights. We are an alliance based on activity and brotherhood, come join us at http://modakn.web-rpg.org/portal.htm and have fun. OUr charter is below...

*WE NEED PEOPLE FOR GOV* We have Internal Affairs, Education, Recruitment <-- FIrst come first serve (We will train any one we need to but experience prefered)


Article I. Introduction

The Modern Day Knights was built as an alliance to help its members survive, prosper, and to protect it’s members in times of war. We will do all we can to solve issues diplomatically before turning to war. We expect that our members and our allies help one another and participate in anything the alliance calls upon them to do, and in turn we shall do the same for our allies. We believe our members have certain freedoms, and we reserve the right to protect these freedoms:

1. The freedom to live peacefully in the cyberverse.

2. The freedom of speech.

3. The freedom to engage in activities with diplomats, and to make and break ties with diplomats.

Article II. Admission, Expulsion

i. Gaining Membership

To gain entry you must meet these requirements:

1. You must not be in any current wars.

2. You must not be aiding any enemy of MDK.

3. You must not be on an alliance’s perma ZI list.

4. You must do all you can to help other members survive and prosper when we call upon you.

5. You must be willing to fight for us when the time comes.

ii. Resignation, Expulsion

Any members wishing to leave MDK must first post an official resignation. Anyone who does not comply is subject to meet with our terms of punishment.

Any member who does not obey this charter, acts consistently in a foolish manner, or for any other reason a Trium deems necessary can and will be expelled by the alliance, if 2/3 of the Triums agree.

Article III. Leadership of MDK

The leadership is generally the most experienced, wise, and favored members of the alliance. There are three primary leaders of this alliance, the Triumvates, Next there are the Ministers.

i. The Emporer

(Term: Life until Resignation)

The emporor deals with all alliance problems and resides over the ministers. The are the final vote and decides after a vote what the decision will be on war.

ii. Six Ministers

(Term: 2 months)

The Ministers are members who specialize in one specific, important area of the alliance. There is one Minister for IA, FA, W&D, Recuitment, Economics and Education ; each Minister leads said area along with his staff if he/she has decided to create one. Ministers are usually appointed into position by term.

vi. Member

The basic rank that one receives after joining the alliance; it is your basic “member” and is the lowest rank in the alliance, but let us not forget that every member counts and is important.

Article IV. War

i.Alliance Wars

War becomes necessary when all diplomatic attempts to resolve an issue fail. We will defend our members and our allies when the time comes, and we expect the same from both our members and allies.

Alliance wars will only happen when all other attempts at peace fail, and can only be declared by MDK if at least 1/2 of the Triums agree, and if the emp agrees as well. The attacks must be well coordinated, and members may show no mercy. Wait until the leadership says the time is right to attack, and never declare peace unless granted by one of the Triums or the W&D.

ii. Tech Raiding

We promote tech raiding, as it is a good way to gain experience when a real war comes, and you get bonus tech. However, you shall not tech raid unless these conditions are met:

1. The nation must be unaligned and not on the red team or on Maroon.

2. The attacking nation must understand that they will most likely receive no or little help from MDK, unless an emergency is at hand, in which said nation must later pay back the relief aid sent to him/her from the alliance.

3. YOU MUST GET PERMISSION FROM THE emp or your battalion commander TO ATTACK

You may ONLY use ground attacks (no cm's, no aircrafts and no tanks) but as soon as the other nation offers peace, accept it; there is no point to continue warring in a tech raid if the enemy is no longer willing to fight.

Any unauthorized attacks can, and will result in harsh punishment, and sometimes even expulsion from the MDK.

iii. War Aid

If severe losses are sustained in the heat of battle, the application for war aid is needed. Apply in the War Aid forum. Absolutely NO war aid will be given if the war was either:

A. Unauthorized Attacks

B. A tech raid declared by you (except in cases of emergency like if an alliance attacks you because that said person was in an alliance when his AA was set as none)

Article V. Peace Time

In times of peace, the alliance is not at war with, on the edge of war with, or in a feud with any other alliance; no member shall attack another alliance, unless it is an authorized tech raid, "ghost busting", or helping an ally deal with a target. Peace is the time for growth and prosperity, and it is something we try to maintain in MDK

The only acts of violence one may make in times of peace are tech raids, which must first be cleared by your Battalion Captain or Emp.

Article VI. Power To The People!

Although being ruled by leadership, MDK frequently makes decisions based on the people’s voice rather than just the emps’ decision alone. We always try to give everyone a chance to be heard on current issues by voting. All members are important, and your thoughts and votes count! "Ask not what your alliance can do for you, but what you can do for your alliance." Power to the people!

Article VIII. The General Assembly

The general assembly, consisting of all members, is the corps of our alliance. They must swear to uphold this oath:

I (insert ruler name here), will uphold the values of MDK. I will do everything in my power to grow and to help others grow in the name of Freedom. I will support this alliance through anything and everything. I understand that MDK is a community of friends as i will treat it that way. I will conduct myself as if everyone is watching and will be respectful for those that govern this alliance and every other alliance, as I am a product of my alliance.

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